Phantasy Star Online 2 gets new Japanese ad showing off new updates

While we never got Phantasy Star Online 2 in the west, it doesn’t mean that the game is dead in Japan. At least, not according to SEGA who are still pumping money into new content and this new television ad above. Its crazy, especially since we are coming up on the Phantasy Star online 2‘s fifth year anniversary (this July).

The commercial features high pitched, dead eye starring Japanese girls and quick cuts that show what new users can expect in the latest Phantasy Star Online 2 update. From what I gather they show off new outfits, combat and even casino games. If you want to comment with the mandatory ‘SEGA bring this game to the west’, you can do so below. If you want my take on the whole thing, you can read my article about how Phantasy Star Online 2 not coming west is a bad sign for SEGA. You can also just play on the Japanese server with a fan created English patch… 

Here are your Yakuza of the End Japanese commercials

Yakuza of the End is having two commercials running on the television right now. One (above) is called “Game Version,” and the one after the break is called “Story Version.”  Now you can walk around your neighborhood screaming:


You can now hit the jump to view the next advert and wish Yakuza 4 and this one came out back to back.

Pakistani McDonalds Ad Featuring Sonic Heroes

Kotaku Wrote:

You may have seen these cheap LCD games offered as McDonalds Happy Meal toys before. They’ve been run in several territories around the world. But you’ve never seen them advertised like they were in Pakistan.

Back in 2004, what must surely be one of the world’s least popular McDonalds outlets tried a unique method of selling the Sonic games: making an animated commercial that looks like it was made by a 12-year-old. In 1994.

Oh, and Rouge the Bat is naked. Creepy.

I have a few of these McDonald games still lying around (they were given away free with Happy Meals, I suppose that is the drill across the world), I don’t remember seeing this advertisement though. The advert has surprisingly poor production values and is entirely the fault of McDonalds, since SEGA has no presence in our country. This commercial marks the first and last time a SEGA game (or endorsed) product was marketed and distributed in Pakistan.

For Kotaku’s information, McDonalds is comparatively more popular in Karachi than it is in America, I am not sure but we definitely have more than 20 McDonalds outlets in my city alone.

First Valkyria Chronicles 3 commercial has drama

Lots of drama, zero gameplay. But how can I whine about this? At least SEGA of Japan actually advertises their in-house games (not made by Sonic Team) with TV ads. SEGA West, follow their leads.

The commercial features the May’n song that will be the main song for the game. SEGA also released a new video, introducing us to a new character from the game. He is called Kurt. Well, not really new, I he was outlined in the Famitsu reveal.

[Source: AndriaSang]