Pakistani McDonalds Ad Featuring Sonic Heroes

Kotaku Wrote:

You may have seen these cheap LCD games offered as McDonalds Happy Meal toys before. They’ve been run in several territories around the world. But you’ve never seen them advertised like they were in Pakistan.

Back in 2004, what must surely be one of the world’s least popular McDonalds outlets tried a unique method of selling the Sonic games: making an animated commercial that looks like it was made by a 12-year-old. In 1994.

Oh, and Rouge the Bat is naked. Creepy.

I have a few of these McDonald games still lying around (they were given away free with Happy Meals, I suppose that is the drill across the world), I don’t remember seeing this advertisement though. The advert has surprisingly poor production values and is entirely the fault of McDonalds, since SEGA has no presence in our country. This commercial marks the first and last time a SEGA game (or endorsed) product was marketed and distributed in Pakistan.

For Kotaku’s information, McDonalds is comparatively more popular in Karachi than it is in America, I am not sure but we definitely have more than 20 McDonalds outlets in my city alone.


2 responses to “Pakistani McDonalds Ad Featuring Sonic Heroes

  1. I'd love to think that those creepy characters got their own cartoon series in Pakistan.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Unlikely, I don't even think this commercial would've been approved by McDonalds.

    They have quality control and their commercials have huge bugets the voice over and music is terrible, graphics are fine for 2004 Pakistani standards.

    If you want an animated series or loosely adapted Sega Chatacters:

    Guess what Character Commander Safeguard looks like?

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