Welcome your new SEGAbits writers!


Last month, we put out a call for new writers to join our team. We received several applications from SEGA fans all over the globe, and in the end we landed on three who we think are best suited for a fan site like SEGAbits. That’s not to say that those who didn’t make the cut weren’t bits-worthy, and as with any application process we have your information on file should we ever need help in the near future.

So who are the new writers?

Yakuza twitter app: In a world of nobodies, tweet like somebody

SEGA has teamed up with Genesix to deliver a Yakuza themed iPhone app. This application will allow you to do what most other apps already allow: tweeting, posting photos and sharing shorten links in the twitterverse.

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The app is free and comes with 6 themes to toggle between. You can download it here. Now I wish I had an iPhone so I could use the app to update our twitter…

[Source: AndriaSang]