Introducing… This is Playstation, a show all about the best 32-Bit system!

Hey dudes! Are you ready for the most radical gaming show this side of 1996? It’s THIS IS PLAYSTATION!

Yes, an all-new show dedicated to the sleekest, most powerful 32-Bit system on the planet; the Sony Playstation! To give this thing quite the test drive, we’re booting up some “RIIIIIIDGE, RACEEEEEEER”! It’s gonna be a gnarly time, with plenty of driving, drifting, and 90’s techno jams! So gear up dudes and dudettes!

This is Playstation is a video series created by AWESOME teenager Liam ‘Radicool’ Ashcroft, aiming to “swood” look at Sony Playstation gaming, all whilst doing some TIGHT skateboard tricks offscreen!

…Now, bow to your new Sony Overlords. This is a hostile takeover. 

Bayonetta Saved Anarchy Reigns? SEGA Comments!

Following SEGA West’s announcements, many SEGA fans were immediately left wondering what the new direction means for lesser known and new IPs like Rhythm Thief and Anarchy Reigns. While we don’t know the status of the former, we can comment on the latter. Gaming news site reached out to SEGA over the weekend asking what the status is of Anarchy Reigns and SEGA responded:

Anarchy Reigns may appear to be a new IP, but it is actually building on the characters featured in 2009’s MadWorld. In anticipation of the July release, which is still scheduled, expect a series of trailers reminding fans of the MadWorld connection. Also, we know it’s no secret that Bayonetta has been revealed as a bonus character. Given Bayonetta’s popularity, we believe that giving her representation in marketing and on the revised boxart will increase awareness of Anarchy Reigns.

A new title and revised boxart? That’s quite a big change for the game, but it makes sense. SEGA wants to focus on popular established IPs, so putting more emphasis on the game’s MadWorld and Bayonetta connections is a very smart move. This also appears to mean that Bayonetta will not be a DLC character, but rather a guest character much like how Banjo-Kazooie were called out on All-Stars Racing box art. Read the full article at and don’t trust everything you read on a day like today, even if it doesn’t sound so crazy.

Virtua Fighter meets Street Fighter

Check out SEGA of Japan’s new April Fools video for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. They are showing the new gameplay, but does it remind you of another game?

Maybe it is a game called Super Street Fighter 4. Maybe? Just a bit? Pretty cool prank, lets hope they keep it up.

[Thanks: STORM!]