SEGA X BBC Earth’s First Look Trailer of “Orbi”

Reported on SEGAbits in 2011, BBC Earth partnered with SEGA to create a unique visitor experience that would fuse nature with technology and offer an entirely new multi-sensory adventure that revolves around our planet. Developed by SEGA’s Facility Business, the trailer for Orbi shows mother nature at her finest, featuring immersive animal and nature footage. The video also shows off what the layout of the attraction will look like once Orbi opens.

I’m not going to lie, this is pretty innovative for SEGA to do. If you have any thoughts on Orbi, leave a comment below.


SEGA and BBC Earth team up to fuse technology and nature

That’s right, SEGA has announced a partnership with BBC Earth to create a unique user experience. Yes, the press release actually calls it an “experience,” and quite a number of times at that. The “experience” will be coming to both the USA and Japan in the next couple of years.

“I am very happy that we have been able to join together with BBC Worldwide who possess one of the world’s finest libraries of Natural History footage. I am confident that by fusing this fabulous content with our entertainment know-how, we can deliver a new and thoroughly unique experience of the natural world. Through the universal theme of nature, SEGA will create a new live entertainment experience that will be enjoyed by all nationalities, ages and genders” said Okitane Usui, SEGA Corporation’s COO.

Where exactly can you experience this collaboration? No locations or solid dates have been set yet, but SEGA says they will be announced in the upcoming months. I personally can’t wait, since I love BBC’s Planet Earth series.

[Source: SEGA Sammy]