Persona 5 to release Ann’s Hoodie and Futaba’s Jacket, pre-orders up now

Japanese clothing company Cospa, who mostly does cosplay costumes and appearl have announced that they are working with Persona 5 character designer Shigenori Soejima to bring in-game clothing to real life. The first official set that they are releasing are Ann Takamaki’s hoodie and Futaba Sakura’s jacket. These pieces will hit Japan in early 2018.

The Ann Takamaki hoodie is up to pre-order right now on Atlus’ shop for 18,500 yen ($165 USD) plus tax. They ship in January 2018 for pre-orders and will be at general shops in February. Futaba Sakura’s jacket on the other hand features removable fur for its hood and is available to pre-order for 19,800 yen ($176 USD) at the Atlus shop. It will ship on February 2018 for pre-orders and March for general sales.

[Source: Siliconera]

AmiAmi now taking pre-orders on their official SEGA Dreamcast hoodie


Popular Japanese online figure shop AmiAmi are now taking pre-orders for their official Dreamcast hoodies, pictured above. The Dreamcast hoodie sadly only comes in white as of now. They do ship outside of Japan, if you wanted to purchase one, but will have to eat the shipping cost.

The Dreamcast hoodie isn’t set to ship till sometime in November. How much will this hoodie cost you? $58 dollars plus shipping. Yes, not cheap.

UPDATE: The hoodie is being designed by Cospa while AmiAmi is distributing the hoodie.

Segakawaii: SEGA’s cute clothing line aimed at girls

Hey boys, didn’t you know that being nerdy is like so in. It seems that way. SEGA has launched Segawaii facebook to promote their new clothing brand that is suppose to design clothing and asscessories for young women. Their first product is the Dreamcast backpack, which is rather large. Maybe its normal size but the woman is… actually never mind that started sounding a bit racist.

Check out the pictures here of the backpack.

Insert Coin Clothing making awesome SEGA Mega Drive and Dreamcast bags

Insert Coin Clothing, a UK gaming clothing company recently posted that they are working on SEGA Mega Drive and Dreamcast bags. That’s right, just in time for the school season and I want 3 of each. They look so awesome. The bigger bag is going to be the Mega Drive one coming in at 410 x 310 x 115mm. That is big enough for a laptop. The Dreamcast bag will clock in at 277 x 285 x 115mm. Big enough for a iPad.

Want to yell at them and tell them you want a SEGA Saturn bag? Go here.

J!NX now has Sonic steam punk shirts

This is one of those creative ways of getting around trademarks to sell SEGA merchandise without the big bad SEGA license. Though it means that you will probably have a Sonic shirt that no one else in your town will have, so you can sit back and laugh at all the 8 year old kids that bought their shirts at Hot Topic.

Problem, kids?

[Source: J!NX]
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