Segakawaii: SEGA’s cute clothing line aimed at girls

Hey boys, didn’t you know that being nerdy is like so in. It seems that way. SEGA has launched Segawaii facebook to promote their new clothing brand that is suppose to design clothing and asscessories for young women. Their first product is the Dreamcast backpack, which is rather large. Maybe its normal size but the woman is… actually never mind that started sounding a bit racist.

Check out the pictures here of the backpack.


2 responses to “Segakawaii: SEGA’s cute clothing line aimed at girls

  1. IrishNinja says:

    Aw man, do i want an oversized dreamcast controller plush now! I hope they make an Opa-Opa one like that one day.

  2. TB says:

    Gotta love the extra compartiment for the VMU slot space.

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