Aliens Colonial Marines: Collectors Edition – Leaked Picture

Sega and Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting a pretty hot Collector’s Edition. We know this thanks to a leaked shot teasing the collection.

Judging by the leak the CE will come with 3 exclusive in-game multiplayer weapons and an exclusive game mode. (We can only assume these will be available as DLC for anyone who bought the regular edition.) Those who buy the CE will also get an ‘Original USCM Dossier’ and a resin display model of someone piloting the Power Loader. It will all come in a sexy limited edition display case. Nice!

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due this spring for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – E3 Demo Footage

When Aliens: Colonial Marines was shown to the press behind closed doors at E3 2011 it seemed to be very well received. Now the rest of us unworthy peons can finally all see why. Narrated by Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford here is a walkthrough of Aliens: Colonial Marines second missions as shown at E3.

Any Aliens fan can tell you that the guys at Gearbox have gone above and beyond to recreate the world and atmosphere of the Aliens movie. With online drop-in Co-Op for up to 4 players I hope for some intence fire-fights with my friends.

I think the game looks beautiful, the graphics are great and the atmosphere seems authentic. If I have one small complaint it would be with the fire and muzzle flash effects looking a bit dated and the tracer bullets looking a bit bulky and cartoonish. Otherwise, everything looks superb and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

From this first look Aliens: Colonial Marines looks as though it’s shaping up to be something special, fingers crossed!

Sega Announces E3 2011 Line Up

Sega have today announced their E3 2011 line up and it’s pretty packed! With some really exciting games like Binary Domain, Guardian Heroes, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Renegade Ops, Crush3D and Sonic Generations, not to mention Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns already announced, is it too much to ask for some surprises too?

I’m still holding out hope for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown to console, Valkyria Chronicles 3 to West and any kind of news on Phantasy Star Online 2!

But with or without those games it’s quite a good line up for new and old Sega fans, hit the jump for the full list. I’m personally very excited about Aliens and Binary Domain!

SegaBits writers Nuckles87 and Shigs will be presant at E3 2011 and reporting feedback on all of these games and more!

Sega Teases Aliens Colonial Marines – With Burnt Doll Head!

Sega’s no stranger to funky marketing, be it severed limbs turning up all over London for the promotion of MadWorld or Condemned 2’s ‘Pony Heart Quest’. Now they are sending doll heads in the mail to unsuspecting videogame journalists.

Any avid Aliens fan will know who Newt is, but for those of you who are lesser beings I shall explain. Newt, aka Rebecca Jorden, is the only survivor of the LV-426 Alien outbreak (Aliens). She was only a little girl and she survived by living deep in the vents of the colony. She also carried a doll’s head known as ‘Casey’.

When Newt is taken by the Aliens, Casey is lost but it turns out Joystiq have recently found her again, in the mail!