Sega Teases Aliens Colonial Marines – With Burnt Doll Head!

Sega’s no stranger to funky marketing, be it severed limbs turning up all over London for the promotion of MadWorld or Condemned 2’s ‘Pony Heart Quest’. Now they are sending doll heads in the mail to unsuspecting videogame journalists.

Any avid Aliens fan will know who Newt is, but for those of you who are lesser beings I shall explain. Newt, aka Rebecca Jorden, is the only survivor of the LV-426 Alien outbreak (Aliens). She was only a little girl and she survived by living deep in the vents of the colony. She also carried a doll’s head known as ‘Casey’.

When Newt is taken by the Aliens, Casey is lost but it turns out Joystiq have recently found her again, in the mail!

Burnt and broken and with the name Rebecca carved into the back of the head, this can only mean one thing, finally… FINALLY Aliens Colonial Marines is going to be at E3. That and according to Kotaku they have an appointment to see the game in action, so yeah!

We’ve only been waiting three years! Frankly I’m just glad to see that the ball is rolling again for the Sega X Aliens games. With an Alien survival horror game in the vain of Dead Space in development at Creative Assembly (Total War) and a 2D side scrolling Aliens shooter from Way Forward (Contra 4) I think the series is again in very good hands!


3 responses to “Sega Teases Aliens Colonial Marines – With Burnt Doll Head!

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Wow that looks pretty sick… literally

  2. CosmicCastaway says:

    ^ Well, that's pretty much exactly how Newt's doll looks in the film.


  3. matty says:

    Just found out that Way Forward is behind this. I think George called it in one of the podcasts from way back (earlier than the last show, I mean), so good for them. Slightly interested in the game a bit now.

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