EXCLUSIVE: Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock Revisited with Chris Tang – Beating the Previous Record!

High Score is a new documentary series on Netflix charting the history of video games. While the whole series is recommended to SEGA fans, the fourth episode in particular is a must watch. The episode, titled “This is War”, covers the console wars of SEGA’s push to outsell Nintendo in the United States. SEGA all-stars, and friends to the site, Tom Kalinske (former President and CEO of SEGA of America) and game designer and gaming tournament champion Chris Tang are featured in the episode. Chris is known best to Sonic fans as the winner of SEGA and MTV’s Rock the Rock competition in 1994.

Following the Netflix series debut, I got to talking to Chris and he revealed to me that the production of the documentary prompted him to revisit Sonic & Knuckles and redo the Rock the Rock’s finals competition run. The rules being collect the most rings in Launch Base Zone in 3 minutes as Knuckles. Chris, always the competitor, wanted to go up against himself and see if his current skills and abilities could outdo his previous win. After a day of practice, Chris fired up his recording devices and recorded this run that we are proud to debut exclusively here at SEGAbits!

Could SEGA and Google’s Street View be joining forces for a Sonic competition?

The Sonic Stadium have uncovered an interesting mobile game entitled The Search for Sonic’s Sidekick. Proposed as a collaboration between SEGA and Google’s Street View, the game was discovered in slides from DDB Tribal ad agency artist Michael Nagy’s website. The game appears to be a word wide competition in which fans create an anthropomorphic avatar and race their character around Google Street Views of twelve cities. Players log their best times to a leaderboard and the fastest player would win the chance to see their character in the next Sonic game. The competition is said to visit a new city each month.

The official description is as follows:

We have created an online game using Google Street view where you compete to become Sonic’s sidekick. Your online avatar will be in the next game that is produced for Sonic. The competition will run for 11 months and move to a different city every month across the globe. The cities include Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris, London, Cape Town, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro and Sydney.

It is unknown if this is a leak of an upcoming competition, perhaps in time for Sonic’s anniversary, or if it is simply a proposal by DDB Tribal that SEGA passed on. Once we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it!

SEGA holding a ‘illustrate a mascot’ competition

Have you ever sat around the house saying that you could make a better mascot character than Sonic the Hedgehog? Well, now is your chance to put SEGA in their place. SEGA Raw (hosted by Nagoshi) will air live on NicoNico Douga and they want fans to submit designs for a mascot character that will promote the show.

They are looking for something that incorporates the spirit of SEGA. What will you win? All the products SEGA makes of your character and Nagoshi’s autograph. Want to know the rules? Hit the jump.

Man gets Kazuma Kiryu’s back tattoo to win SEGA competition

One of the most iconic things about the Yakuza series is Kazuma’s awesome back tattoo. Well, last year when Yakuza 3 was released, SEGA had a competition. What did you have to do to win? Get a full back tattoo just like Kazuma’s. Did someone win? Yes…

The winner was Fari Salievsk, a 46-year-old MMA trainer from Australia. The tattoo took six months to complete, with sessions lasting up to four hours in three week intervals.

“Getting a tatt is making a statement that is with you for life so I do recommend it but it’s not something you rush in to,” – Fari Salievsk

The tattoo was paid for by SEGA and ended up costing around $9,000, feels good getting free ink. Mr. Salievsk did change one thing on the tattoo, the bottom writing was changed from Japanese to Korean. He said “personalized his kanji in place of the original.” I don’t think he knows what kanji is….

[Via: Kotaku]

Marza looking for an original story

So you think your a writer? You know have a chance to get one of your stories made into a CGI film, by none other than the guys that did “Night of the Werehog”.

Exciting? Click here to see all the rules and how to apply!

[Thanks: Suzuki Yu]