Sega Teases Aliens Colonial Marines – With Burnt Doll Head!

Sega’s no stranger to funky marketing, be it severed limbs turning up all over London for the promotion of MadWorld or Condemned 2’s ‘Pony Heart Quest’. Now they are sending doll heads in the mail to unsuspecting videogame journalists.

Any avid Aliens fan will know who Newt is, but for those of you who are lesser beings I shall explain. Newt, aka Rebecca Jorden, is the only survivor of the LV-426 Alien outbreak (Aliens). She was only a little girl and she survived by living deep in the vents of the colony. She also carried a doll’s head known as ‘Casey’.

When Newt is taken by the Aliens, Casey is lost but it turns out Joystiq have recently found her again, in the mail!

Teen caught trying to steal a Hatsune Miku doll

[Wonder what he was going to do with the figure?]

Shoplifting is no good and being caught is embarrassing. A 15-year-old tried to steal a Hatsune Miku figure, just outside of Tokyo in the Chiba Prefecture. The figure he tried to take was worth $87. The teen was caught by a part-time clerk (29 years old) and a security guard (32).

What will you do when you are 15, getting caught stealing a anime doll by two adults? Do you call it quits? You don’t know Japan. He decided to attack both of them. As expected, the clerk and security only suffered minor injuries.

Obviously there is some odd craze for this franchise, that is why it was the best selling SEGA game for Q2 in Japan. Keep being crazy Japan, we love it.

[via: Kotaku]