SEGA Talk #81: Dynamite Düx & Bean the Dynamite Retrospective

SEGA Talk’s quack attack is back, Jack! This time we’re talking about Dynamite Düx! We’ll talk about the small team behind this cute beat ’em up (“sweet ’em up”?), how it ties to Sonic Universe, including tie-ins to Bean the Dynamite, and even have a gander at a naughty hidden NSFW ending! Oh my! All this and more, on this episode of SEGA TALK!

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The GagaMan Plays Through Retro SEGA Oddities

The GagaMan, creator for SEGA Memories and contributor to the SEGA Junkyard blogs, recently uploaded a series of game playthroughs* to his YouTube channel. Included in the playthroughs thus far are some pretty crazy SEGA games of the past including the SEGA CD’s Panic! (aka Switch) in two parts, the AM2 arcade game Dynamite Dux and Looney Tunes Desert Demolition for the Mega Drive. The videos are full length, no 10 minute increments here, and are fileld to the brim with the GagaMan’s usual comments. Check ’em out!

*the playthroughs are ones he had uploaded last year, however they appear here uncut and in full.