SEGA joins the Japanese e-Sports Union, a big step for e-sports in Japan


Its no secret that e-sports has been on the rise world wide and has been making companies a lot of money. But somehow it hasn’t had the same take off in Japan, even though Japan has been known for its competitive fighting scene in arcades. It seems a new unified organization have decided to tackle the problem, called: Japanese e-Sports Union (JeSU). SEGA’s Hideki Okamura will be serving as President of JeSU. According to the article by Game.Watch, this will unify other e-sports organizations under one common banner.

While SEGA’s own Hideki Okamura is running president we also get Haruki Tsujimoto (President of Capcom) and Hideki Hayakawa (President and CEO of Konami) taking the roles of representative directors.