Hori and SEGA making an expensive Hatsune Miku PS3 controller

Last time SEGA and Hori teamed up to bring you a super expensive Virtua On controller, now they are teaming up again. This time to make a Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd controller.

The controller has big buttons that light up, and measures 690x430x70mm. It’s also customizable; the display top can be swapped out for your own design. The controller is priced at ¥29,939 (about $361).

Hori is only going to start production on the controller if they get enough pre-orders, since it’s an expensive product. The pre-orders stop on March 22nd, so if you want one, order here.

[Source: AndriaSang]

$175 dollar Metal Sonic figurine available for pre-order

First4Figures will be releasing two versions of their Metal Sonic figure, one will be the exclusive edition that lights up, is limited to 300 units and costs $174.99. The second will be called the Standard version which comes at $154.99, still expensive.

The statue is only available in US and Canada, not that I think many of you would be pre-ordering it. But I like giving you guys a heads up on stuff, so you guys are well informed.

Head over to Sonic Stadium to check out the full gallery of images. Hit the jump for the press release.

Get Yakuza PSP tracksuit for only $900 bucks

Did your parents tell you to shop for some Christmas clothes, then give you a blank check? This could be your payback for them making you clean your room.

The prototype for the tracksuit is straight out of the Yakuza PSP TV show, so it has been tested for its punching power. The clothes is being designed by DressCamp and will run you ¥42,000 (US$499) for the top piece and ¥35,000 ($416) for the equally ugly pants. Yep, coming to about $900 bucks. How ballin’?

I wonder what the designer for the movie Crow Zero has to say, since you know, they basically ripped off the design.

[Via: Kotaku]