$175 dollar Metal Sonic figurine available for pre-order

First4Figures will be releasing two versions of their Metal Sonic figure, one will be the exclusive edition that lights up, is limited to 300 units and costs $174.99. The second will be called the Standard version which comes at $154.99, still expensive.

The statue is only available in US and Canada, not that I think many of you would be pre-ordering it. But I like giving you guys a heads up on stuff, so you guys are well informed.

Head over to Sonic Stadium to check out the full gallery of images. Hit the jump for the press release.

Vanquish Limited Edition comes with figurine

Sadly this limited edition has only been shown for the UK shop Zavvie. No collectors edition has been announced for the United States or Japan as of yet.

The limited edition comes at a price though, it will cost £54.95, the regular edition will only be costing £33.95, its almost double. So those who want the pretty box and the doll (don’t hate) will have to cough up some extra dough.

[Thanks: Ali]