Sonic Colours climbs up UK charts

Sonic Colours has jumped from its 36th place last week to a better standing at number 18. That it is right, cracked the top 20. As for Sonic Free Riders, that debuted last week right below Sonic Colours, it has dropped off the charts completely.

SEGA’s true and blue Football Manager series came in one spot lower than Sonic Colours for the week at number 19th. Still doing pretty solid and staying in the top 20.

[Source: GFK Charts]

SEGA talks fall line up and sales expectations

SEGA released some big hits in the beginning of the year, but so far hasn’t really set the charts on fire during the last few months.

But SEGA expects to do big numbers this Fall. New SEGA Europe boss, Jurgen Post, spoke about the latest SEGA titles and their expectations. SEGA wants to have a 10% attach rate for Sonic  Free Riders, he says the game’s success will depend on its hardware (Kinect).