Total War to Get First TV Ads & More.

Sega are clearly very confident in their product when it comes to Shogun 2. Total War: Shogun 2 marks the first game in the series to have adverts/Commercials aired on TV. I think adverts are pretty rare in general for PC exclusive games.

But these aren’t just any adverts; Sega is teaming up with the History Channel for a series of three minute ad break takeovers for a period of two weeks. These ads will run around March 15th which is when the game releases.

Total War is one of the PC’s most successful franchises; it has sold 7.5m units worldwide since the original was released in 2000.
“We are confident that Shogun 2 is well positioned to be one of Q1’s biggest PC performers,” said Sega’s senior product manager Ben Walker.

“This is the first time we have utilized TV for a Total War game and believe our partnership with The History Channel will deliver an as yet untapped audience.”

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