Total War to Get First TV Ads & More.

Sega are clearly very confident in their product when it comes to Shogun 2. Total War: Shogun 2 marks the first game in the series to have adverts/Commercials aired on TV. I think adverts are pretty rare in general for PC exclusive games.

But these aren’t just any adverts; Sega is teaming up with the History Channel for a series of three minute ad break takeovers for a period of two weeks. These ads will run around March 15th which is when the game releases.

Total War is one of the PC’s most successful franchises; it has sold 7.5m units worldwide since the original was released in 2000.
“We are confident that Shogun 2 is well positioned to be one of Q1’s biggest PC performers,” said Sega’s senior product manager Ben Walker.

“This is the first time we have utilized TV for a Total War game and believe our partnership with The History Channel will deliver an as yet untapped audience.”

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Ads will also appear in British news papers, The Guardian and The Observer, and will run for a six week period in both the newspapers and across their respective websites. Activity in specialist media will promote the demo and the full release.

“The Guardian promotion will bring Total War to a whole new audience via a six-week cross media promotion,” added Walker.
“The foundations of the campaign will activate fans and general PC gamers.”

Walker concluded by saying that the new interface, online modes and refined game play will make Shogun 2 “the most accessible Total War game to date”.

Source: MVCUK


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