Sonic Movie coming to streaming service Hulu in February

If you have been holding off on watching the Sonic Movie until it came to your favorite streaming service, well it looks like you got your wish. The Sonic Movie will debut on the streaming service on February 18, 2021.OK, so maybe not your favorite streaming service, but its still a streaming service!

Interesting that Hulu bought up the rights to stream this when we’ve seen the Netflix Sonic the Hedgehog TV show leaked last year. You’d think Netflix would have been the perfect home for The Sonic Movie. I guess they can always spread the love to as many services.

[Source: TV Guide]

Gotta binge fast! Sonic Boom season one releasing to Hulu in late May in the United States


We’ve known for a while now, thanks to information posted at Tomy’s New York Toy Fair booth, that Sonic Boom the TV series was heading to Hulu and now we have official confirmation! Variety reports that Hulu will be the exclusive subscription video on demand service to host the series in the United States. All 52 episodes of the first season will be available in both English and Spanish, and the episodes will hit in late May. Sonic Boom will still be available on Cartoon Network video on demand and select episodes will be available on the website.

No news on a DVD or blu-ray release for the series in the US, however the UK has been receiving the series in DVD volumes with one released currently and a second due out at the end of the month. While a DVD release would be great, especially a complete series, Hulu is a great way to catch up on the first season in anticipation of season two.