“Updated 21st/Feb” Play-Asia Slashes Prices off GOAT Games

Updated 21/02:

GSP isn’t issuing a statement on the price slashes Play-Asia has made but we’ve been informed that the discounts are a limited time sale rather than permanent price cuts, so it is possible that the games may return to their original prices.

Which means you’d better pick them up fast, if you haven’t already.

Original Story 20/02:

GOAT Store has been around for over a decade now, GOAT Store Publishing launched in 2003 with the release of Feet of Fury. To date they haven’t dropped prices off on any of their games; in fact each successive title has had a slight increase in the manufacturer suggested retail price.

Play-Asia has decided to break the GOAT Tradition by slashing prices up to 70% on all GOAT Games.

GOAT Store Publishing Launches New Website

It’s the 9th of September, and you know what that means: Dreamcast news! First out of the gate, some news from Dreamcast game publisher GOAT Store, with their new website design. Completely revamped, the website has been rebuilt to not only promote the games GOAT Store has already published – such as Irides, Cool Herders, and Feet of Fury – but also tell people how these games came to be in the first place. GOAT Store has also hinted at a new project, which will be revealed sometime this month.

Finally, GOAT Store is offering a special deal for anyone who signs up for their newsletter in the first 99 hours of the new website’s existence. No word on what that special deal is, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

You can visit the site here for more details, and sign up for the newsletter here.