Rise of Nightmares details get leaked by ESRB

Oh ESRB, we love you and your constant game leaking. This time they are leaking Rise of Nightmares. What is the story about? You play an American tourist who has to rescue his wife from a crazy scientist. It already sounds House of the Dead like. Oh, did I mention it takes place in a mansion?

The game will play in first-person-view, players can use an assortment of weapons like chainsaws and hatchets to take down ‘zombie-like’ bad guys.

The game features decapitations and severed limbs. What about female nudity? According to the ESRB there is partial nudity (pasties!). Kinect, you wanted a Mature game? SEGA is here to deliver. Hit the jump to see the full ESRB summary.

[Source: Siliconera]

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Vanquish features suicide and M rating

ESRB has agreed and given Vanquish the M rating, for Mature audiences only. I was a bit shocked, since Mikami said he wanted to make the game about killing robots, if Halo is not rated M, why would this game?

I guess human soldiers can be killed, when they are killed or blown up, there is blood (and limbs). They also revealed that some cutscenes will have violence and one even has a random character committing suicide. As they say, assassinating himself.

[Via: Zombie Gamer]