Yakuza: Dead Souls – Mini Game Trailer

Apparently killing zombies can be hard work. Personally I’ve always found it to be quite a breeze, either way the Yakuza like to unwind after a long day of slayin’ and what better way to unwind than with some mini games? I was worried that with Yakuza:Dead Souls being a spin off based around fighting off undead hordes Sega might have seen fit to drop the mini games. However I’m pleasantly surprised to see there are just as many mini games appearing in Dead Souls as ever. It seems that even in a zombie outbreak there is always time for a spot of fishing when you’re as badass as Kazuma Kriyu.

Yakuza: Dead Souls releases for the PS3 on March 13th in America and 16th in Europe.

Toirettsu! – The game you pee on!

You may remember a good while ago now we reported that Sega was making games that- well, you pee on. The ‘console’ is pretty much a modified urinal, the controller? Your stream!

Sega does what Nintendon’t!

Toirettsu is essentially a mini-games collection, with an alternative control method where wee-waggling is not just accepted but encouraged! Remind you of anything?
In one example the harder you pee the stronger the wind which blows causing an onscreen reporters skirt to lift. Who are the target audience? Potentially every man that ever needed to pee! So forget the ‘Nintendo Wii’ Sega have put their own stamp on casual gaming market which I am dubbing the ‘Sega Wee’.

There is method in the madness; the more pee you get into the urinal the longer you can play which is a good way to deter drunks from peeing elsewhere, such as the floor- or on their shoes. You may laugh but I honestly think it is a brilliant idea, genius in fact. This could pave the way for a whole new era for urination! I honestly wouldn’t expect this kind of thing from any other videogame developer. Sega are like the mad scientists of the industry, sometimes it pays off and other times it fails miserably but I think this time they are onto a winner!

As the game is being rolled out in more and more public places in Japan we have some game play videos directly from Sega and yes- it’s as wacky as it sounds! You can see more videos below.