SEGA’s Monster Gear gets an English soft launch in the Philippines

01-monster-gear-2.jpgSEGA’s Monster Gear  was one of the biggest mobile games to hit Japan last year, now SEGA is getting the game ready for an English audience. Like most mobile games, this title will have a soft launch; so if you live in the Philippines you can download the game now via the PlayStore.

[edit: We where asked to take down the APK file and complied, call us sell outs in the comments. Thanks] So far the game has some 1 star reviews stating that it isn’t very user friendly, maybe something that SEGA can tweak before its official Western launch.

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SEGA has announced Monster Gear for mobile phones


[Artwork not from actual game]

We already know that SEGA is all in when it comes to mobile video game development and their newest entry into the mobile landscape is being called ‘Monster Gear‘, a Monster Hunter like game.

In this game players will be able to go on missions with 3 other players, the missions are set to take roughly five minutes to complete, unlike Monster Hunter where they can take generations.

The game will come with three main commands including attack, guarding and ‘special pair attack’. Once the service starts you will be able to use five different weapons including lance, large sword, dual swords, a hammer, and a bow. The game will be free-to-play, which means it will include microtransactions. The game will release in Japan as early as next month. We will keep you updated as new information is released.

[Via: Nichegamer]