SEGA News Bits: Fighting Vipers & Motor Raid SEGA Arcade Games In Project Judge

It was recently revealed that the upcoming Project Judge, developed by the studio behind the Yakuza series, will contain playable SEGA arcade games. These games include Fighting Vipers and the rare racer Motor Raid. On this SEGA News Bits we discuss this news and what we can expect from the ports.

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Fighting Vipers and rare arcade racer Motor Raid playable within Yakuza studio’s Project Judge

I’m starting to think Ryu ga Gotoku Studio is an elaborate front for SEGA arcade releases. As revealed by Famitsu, the upcoming Project Judge will feature playable SEGA arcade games within the game. The announced games include Fighting Vipers and Motor Raid.

It is especially exciting to see Motor Raid as the game has never seen a home release. Released in 1997 and developed by AM1 (cabinet by AM4), the Model 2 game saw players racing futuristic motorbikes across different planets. As noted by our wiki, most of if not all Motor Raid cabinets were sold as conversion kits for Manx TT Super Bike. The game is quite rare, so to see it fully playable in Project Judge is exciting!