SEGAbits at New York Comic Con 2016 impressions


New York Comic Con is an annual event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, hosting varies booths and panels for comics, movies, television shows, anime, and video games. SEGAbits writers Kori-Maru and FlareHabanero visited the New York Comic Con to hunt down SEGA-related products, cosplays, and artists, but at the same time looking at the event in general. SEGA nor Atlus themselves were present at the event, but that didn’t stop them from hunting down SEGA for all it’s worth. Notably, artists who worked on the Sonic Archie comic series were present at the event, along with miscellaneous merchandising like Figma and CharaGumin.

If you want to hear impressions from both FlareHabanero and Kori-Maru, please click below.

SEGAbits at New York Comic Con 2016: Interview with Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Colorist Matt Herms

While covering New York Comic Con 2016, SEGAbits writer FlareHabanero had a chance to talk to Archie Comics freelance colorist Matt Herms. Matt has worked on a variety of Archie’s video game books, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Mega Man and the incredibly popular Sonic Mega Drive. Check out the interview for yourself to learn about how Matt got his start in the industry and what it’s like to work in comics as a colorist!

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After the break, check out a bonus video of Matt drawing Sonic!

SEGAbits at New York Comic Con 2016: Shenmue 3 Interview with Cédric Biscay

SEGAbits attended New York Comic Con 2016 and had the opportunity to speak about Shenmue 3 with Cédric Biscay, president and CEO of Shibuya Productions. Cédric was kind enough to sit down with our own Kori-Maru to tell us how he got his start in the industry, what it’s like to work with Yu Suzuki and more!

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Crazy Taxi: City Rush quizzes riders at New York Comic-con 2014

If you’re a fan of crazy SEGA PR tactics, keep a close watch on Crazy Taxi: City Rush. Throughout October, wrestler Hulk Hogan guest starred in the mobile game, and that same month real taxis with Crazy Taxi branding invaded New York Comic-con 2014 to take attendees to their destinations for free with a bit of comic book and SEGA trivia along the way. This past week, SEGA released three videos showing off their Crazy Taxi trivia cab. Check out the overview video above, and after the break get a taste of a full ride and outtakes.

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SEGABits @ New York Comic Con 2013 Panel Video: SEGA Through The Years

Hello SEGABits readers, Kori-Maru here back from my trip from New York Comic Con with coverage of SEGA and Hardlight Studios panel titled “SEGA Through Out The Years” with special guests from SEGA attending the panel such as Ethan Einhorn, Chris Olsen, and Masayoshi Kikuchi-san as they explain SEGA’s history, focus on mobile, a few announcements, and the company’s future followed by Q/A and trivia contest. During the Q/A session, there were a lot of interesting questions from the audiences that may interest a lot of SEGA fans, so stay tuned for that. I also have tons of pictures of a few SEGA cosplayers and employees for our readers to look at. To view the video of the panel and pictures from the convention, hit the jump!

Thor: God of Thunder first details

Thor: God of Thunder will be the game for the Thor movie, coming out next year. SEGA has given up some information regarding the title at this year’s New York Comic-Con.

Actually one of the first bits of information we know now, is the name, God of Thunder. That is new. It is also done by Liquid Entertainment (Rise of the Argonauts). We actually knew this bit of information, just refreshing your memory. The game is also being written by Matt Fraction.

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