SEGA partners with ‘goGame’ to publish Japanese mobile games globally

SEGA has now moved forward in their next step for mobile publishing by partnering up with goGame, which is a company SEGA Networks has a large stake in. They will be launching ‘goPlay’ a publishing platform for mobile developers (mostly being aimed in Japan). The idea is that there will be tiers of services the developers can purchase to fit their needs.

While stuff like localization, customer support and other features offered with this service cost money, there is a free option that includes access to SEGA’s Noah Pass ad network of over 100 million users in Japan. This will allow mobile developers to get ad revenue for their creations while SEGA gets a bit off the top. Another ‘free’ service is ‘goPay’ which allows developers to easily receive payments globally, goGame only starts to take 3% from transactions after the game generates over $100,000 dollars in revenue.

Its pretty ironic that SEGA is investing in these sort of companies focused on global publishing when they have one of the worse track records of localizing their own products.

SEGA’s mobile division on track for record setting revenue


SEGA Networks released a new report showing the strong growth in their mobile division and lays out future plans. The report came with a host of interesting facts, from animes being produced to possibly a future MMO in production. Hit the break to find a host of a interesting information including updated figures on their NOAH Pass service which they launched in August 2013.

Noah Pass, SEGA’s answer to GREE, reaches over 33 million users


Back in September of last year, SEGA announced an ambitious cross-promotional network for Japan called “Noah Pass” to help its fellow developers undercut the cost of advertising on networks such as GREE and DeNA. After initially launching with thirty developers, SEGA has revealed that fifty-one companies are now participating and that it reaches over 33 million users, numbers which no doubt pleases SEGA.

The main benefits of using Noah Pass include reducing advertising costs by eighty percent and not requiring gamers to register like other networks do. This helps to drive traffic from one game to another and keeps players downloading games from Noah Pass publishers. Currently SEGA, Capcom and Sqaure Enix  (In the form of Taito) are all part of Noah Pass, and there no restriction on the number of publishers that can join the network.