Sammy teases upcoming Valkyria Chronicles pachislot machine


Sammy, the division within SEGA-Sammy that does pachinko and pachislot machines, which is why no one is really surprised that they announced a Valkyria Chronicles pachinko machine. SEGA’s console division is reviving the Valkyria Chronicles brand with Valkyria Chronicles 4 in 2018, seems that Sammy finds the IP enticing enough for a pachislot machine. Sammy previously did a Bayonetta pachislot machine in 2015.

As far as when its coming, we don’t know anything outside of ‘coming soon’. I guess no one here will get to or want to play a Valkyria Chronicles pachislot game.  According to this tweet by Sammy, they will have a preview tomorrow.

SEGA trademarks ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution’

Valkyria_Chronicles-1SEGA’s SRPG Valkyria Chronicles launched back in 2008 exclusively on the Playstation 3, while it was one of my favorite games of that generation it seemed that most people totally missed it. Last fall SEGA released a port on PC, which went on to sell more than half a million copies. Seems that SEGA of Japan might actually capitalize on that success, seeing as they have trademarked “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria,” which roughly translates to “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution”.

According to the trademark registry it can be used for console games, amusement park machines (see: slot and pachislot machines) and medal games. What do you guys think, could this be related to Valkyria Chronicles franchise?

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Sammy announces Bayonetta themed pachislot machine

Pachislot Bayonetta

Sammy aka parent company of SEGA, has launched a teaser site for their upcoming gambling pachislot machines based on the ever popular Bayonetta IP. It seems that pachislot machines get a negative reaction but most people don’t understand that most of these products have nothing to do with SEGA Games division. This is nothing new, considering that Sammy has been using SEGA (and other) IPs to sell Pachislots for over a decade. It has been a very profitable business for ‘SEGA-Sammy Holdings‘.

Before everyone complains in the comment section about how “SEGA should have just funded Bayonetta 2 instead of this”, please understand that this is like saying “Sony should fund a new Tomba! video game on Playstation 4 instead of making The Interview”, both projects are competently different and the cost of doing a Bayonetta themed pachislot machine is way lower than creating a HD game from scratch.

I hope this means that SEGA and Sammy both find value in owning the Bayonetta IP and haven’t abandoned it. Would be nice to see SEGA do a extended version of Bayonetta 2 on other platforms outside of the dying Wii U.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity gets Sakura Wars tie-in

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP2i) isn’t afraid to have a ton of tie-ins, there has been a great deal announced. Now that Sakura Wars has a new game, it seems like a good time to announce the PSP2i tie-in. SEGA did not provide screens or much information on what will be released, but we do know it will be ‘pay’ DLC. So if you like Sakura Wars, get your credit card ready.

Other tie-in announced was Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel 2, which happens to be a popular SAMMY Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel 2, a popular Sammy pachinko machine.

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SEGA Raises Fiscal Year Sales Forecast, Pachinko Sales the Cause

Things have been good for SEGA’s profits this last year. First, SEGA reported a profit on it’s third quarter statement back in February. Then, in August, SEGA reported 7 billion yen in profit for it’s first quarter of it’s 2010-2011 fiscal year. All of this great news has resulted in SEGA’s stock price hitting it’s highest price since 2007, where it’s stayed close to ever since.

The good times keep on coming. While video game giants like Nintendo continue to lower their own fiscal year forecast, SEGA has now raised it’s overall sales forecast for its entire fiscal year, ending March 31st 2011, from $400 billion yen ($4.7 billion) to $410 billion yen ($4.9 billion). The profit guidance forecast has gone up from 22 billion yen ($264 million), to 36.5 billion yen ($437 million).  This rise in revenue and profits has been brought on by strong sales SEGA Sammy’s Pachinko/Pachislot division, which is now expected to sell 660,000 units, up from the originally anticipated sales of 620,000 units.