SEGA trademarks ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution’

Valkyria_Chronicles-1SEGA’s SRPG Valkyria Chronicles launched back in 2008 exclusively on the Playstation 3, while it was one of my favorite games of that generation it seemed that most people totally missed it. Last fall SEGA released a port on PC, which went on to sell more than half a million copies. Seems that SEGA of Japan might actually capitalize on that success, seeing as they have trademarked “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria,” which roughly translates to “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution”.

According to the trademark registry it can be used for console games, amusement park machines (see: slot and pachislot machines) and medal games. What do you guys think, could this be related to Valkyria Chronicles franchise?

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19 responses to “SEGA trademarks ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution’

  1. Sieghardt says:

    oh god please be good, please be a real Valkyria for PS4/PC and not some kind of mobile garbage and please PLEASE localise it

    • metaltron says:

      thats asking, like, A LOT of sega.

    • EnternalHope says:

      Considering its filed under the JTO and doesn’t appear in the WIPO I just checked, it sounds like it could likely be Sega bringing the Valkyria franchise to Arcades since from what I can translate, it mostly has descriptions of an Arcade game.

      If it appears in the WIPO database, I’ll let you all know. Currently, only JTO applications from July are viewable in the database.

    • Vinnie says:

      Valkyria as an arcade? How will that work as a strategy when strategy only really works well with RPGs.

    • EnternalHope says:

      Shining Force Cross is a 2009 RPG online Arcade exclusive game. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for SEGA to release an Arcade Valkyria game in the same matter.

      SEGA is also planning on expanding its Arcade business globally: ,

      so if this is an Arcade exclusive, you will eventually be playing it in your country locally.

      Also don’t forget, SEGA is mostly an ARCADE company. Not just some lowly publisher.

    • Vinnie says:

      It seems hard to believe because the arcades in the west have been down for a while, not Sega being negligent, but simply that the market is very limited other than in Japanese territories and to a lesser extent a few remote places in Europe, but in America they have been in decline for years. It seems like a bad move on Sega’s part to invest in a declining market
      I tried to find other sources that corroborate this, but all results go back to that InterGameOnline site, are they the only ones who reported this or is there any others?

    • Marshall says:

      What the is a JTO? And a WIPO?

    • EnternalHope says:

      Japan Trademark Office.(All Trademarks filed in Japan are registered within 6 swift months of filing date.) If IP were filed under “1B” Supplemental, it would be for Japanese use only. If IP were filed under “44b” Intent-To-Use and Principal, it would eventually be published in some form of media in select markets.

      Worldwide Intellectual Property Organization HQ’d in Stockholm,Sweden. The Global business and Trademark database for filing IPs and Businesses for use in all parts of the World. When filed in the US Trademark Office HQ’d in Washington DC, the IP or business is filed under “Madrid Protocol” 66A. Which means the company will use the brand or business all over the world.

    • Marshall says:

      Thanks for the detailed response. How did you manage to get that information?

    • EnternalHope says:

      Why port beg?

    • Leo The Woodlouse says:

      Never heard of Beg, what was that?

  2. fernandeath says:


  3. segal says:

    The first question when a game from sega is annpunced is : will it be localised

  4. segal says:

    At enternalhope

    Please i ask kindly keep that trademark and patent spam to yoursel.

    At mods.
    Pls warn the dude

    • EnternalHope says:

      Translation: I want it to mean what I want to hear”.

      Your trolling, please refrain from it. I’m doing nothing wrong. This topic is about Trademarks so I’m posting the knowledge I have about them.

  5. segal says:

    Yeah it is all about trademarks and patents. U have made people happy with rotten apples. Every year you say there will be a new console. You just came to segabits and you are allready trademarkspam them.

    • Winifred says:

      Why? The trademarks give a better insight of what Sega is really planning behind all the PC spokes patter they present to the media.

  6. ELLY says:

    I hope they will bring a HD REMAKE of the ps3 game together with the 2 psp games. and make Atlus translate the game for sega.

  7. tasteofink says:

    this is more in line with sega saying it learned from atlus they know they have a quality fanchise in this game lets see it!!

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