Heroki is now available for Apple TV – owners of the mobile iOS app can download for free!

SEGA and Picomy Games’ Heroki, which released to iOS last year and was among the App Store’s ‘Best of 2015’ collection, is now available for Apple TV. I guess this sort of makes it a home console game? Whatever you classify Apple TV as, it is Heroki on your home television! The game, which is classed as action-adventure and features a propellor-headed protagonist, is compatible with many Apple TV hand-held controllers as well as the default Siri remote. New elements include additional checkpoints, and improved controls and camera.

Those who already purchased Heroki need not worry, as the Apple TV download is free. If you haven’t picked it up yet, the game is a cool $4.99.

SEGA and Picomy’s Heroki releases to the iOS App Store


The long awaited Heroki, an iOS game developed by Dutch developer Picomy Games and published by SEGA, was re-revealed late last month and now it is released and available to purchase and play! Priced at $7.99 (that’s right, this isn’t free to play and there are no micro-transactions!), Heroki is a touchscreen controlled flight-based platformer starring the titular hero Heroki who is defending the sky village of Levantia from the evil villains Dr. N. Forchin and Vapor. The game promises 10+ hours of gameplay, dozens of enemies, mini-games, side-quests, 60fps and iCloud saving. After the break, read a full description of the game, and stay tuned to SEGAbits for the eventual review!


PAX ’13 – Heroki Demo Impressions


At this year’s PAX 2013, SEGA is hitting it off with another indie developer under the SEGA Alliance brand. This time lending a hand to a developer from the Netherlands, Picomy Games, to release their action game Heroki to iDevices. I was joined in by two of the developers, Michael Balm and Bobby Bouman, as well as SEGA Alliance producer John Eternal as they showcased a build running on an iPad to help explain the game mechanics and provide some insight on the development on the game.