Wreck-It Ralph poster features Sonic, Eggman and Demon God Neff

Well this is a surprise! Sonic, Eggman and Demon God Neff of Altered Beast ended up on the final poster for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. I was looking forward to the movie, but now I’m looking forward to picking up the poster for my game room. Also on the poster are characters from Q*Bert, Street Fighter, and Clyde of Pac-Man fame. As the poster states, Wreck-It Ralph releases November 2nd in the United States. No word on where you can buy the poster yet, but it should appear on movie poster sites soon. In the meantime, you can see a larger version here.

Update: Two new trailers has released for the movie, and fans have spotted Sonic in another scene. Check them out after the break and thanks to CosmicCastaway for the tip!

Sonic hired to hold Playstation Move posters

You got to feel bad for Sonic, SEGA just relies on the blue blur to make so much money for the company and with the way the economy is, even he has to take jobs like this. Seriously, Sonic isn’t even needed to hold the sign, it has its own leg thing. Come on!

Apprently this was taken by a UK:R reader at a Lewisham located Gamestation.