SEGA Tunes: Project DIVA blazes through the blue skies singing the After Burner theme

Hatsune Miku and friends have sung many songs throughout their history, but none are more exciting than the SEGA inspired tunes that are featured in the franchise’s games. The 2010 arcade game Project DIVA Arcade featured the MEIKO Vocaloid voice (a voice provided by the Japanese female singer Meiko Haigō) singing lyrics over the theme to After Burner – a SEGA arcade classic. The video above features Hatsune Miku, despite the MEIKO voice. But can you blame us? It’s Miku! But in fairness to Vocaloids everywhere, we’re featuring MEIKO after the break. Happy listening!

SEGA launches new arcade in Yoyogi, Japan

SEGA has launched a new arcade palace in Yoyogi, Japan. This new arcade building will have 134 machines spanning across 690 square meters of space. Now if only I knew what a meter was…

They will have the latest games like AM2’s Border Break and Project Diva Arcade. The location is next to a train station, ensuring that business men will walk in to use the restroom and will be unable to resist a singing game featuring underage girls. They love that stuff.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]