SEGA News Bits LIVE: Sonic & SEGA Q&A

SEGA News Bits is back with YOUR questions answered. Well, maybe not your specific questions unless you were one of the ten or so people who replied to our call for questions on Twitter. Will there be a Phantasy Star V? Will SEGA drop Sonic as their mascot? What should the next SEGA mini console be? Watch on the hear our answers!

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SEGA News Bits Extra: Q&A and House of the Dead Mini Game in Project Judge

It’s the first week of the month, which means a preview of SEGA News Bits Extra! Extra is a weekly series for our Patreon supporters where we discuss news not seen on the SEGA News Bits videos. New to the monthly preview is the return of SEGAbits Q&A! All Patreon supporters get question priority, and after that we may dip into the Twitter, YouTube and comments sections for random picks.

This week we discuss the House of the Dead style mini game in Project Judge as well as an easier way to get online with the SEGA Dreamcast. Thank you to our Patreon community for the support and consider joining the community yourself if you enjoy our content!

Yu Suzuki’s Twitter Q&A Part 2: Shenmue 3 in-game footage won’t be shown until 2017

Last time Yu Suzuki was answering fan questions on twitter, I searched his twitter to find all the questions and answers to give them to you. This time, someone on Shenmue Dojo beat me to it. So you can check out the answers questions here or hit the jump for the complete transcript.

Some of the interesting bits includes a sketch of Akira in  High School from the cancelled Virtua Fighter RPG, Saying that we won’t see in-game footage of Shenmue 3 until 2017, and even confirmed that the game will be based on reality, unlike what that Shenmue Online trailer lead us to believe.

Segalizaton taking questions for UDON Entertainment interview


Update: Interview has been completed. Thanks for your contributions!

SEGA fan and Segalization contributor SuperSonicEX captured an amazing opportunity for a Q&A with UDON Entertainment! UDON Entertainment is responsible for, among other things: translation and publishing of the three Valkyria Chronicles art books, the History of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Eyes of Bayonetta, alongside various Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid media.

We currently plan to send in our questions sometime this Wednesday, March 26th, but Segalization would like to give SEGA fans a chance to send in questions of their own for UDON to answer! For anyone interested in submitting a question, hit the jump to see the currently planned questions (so as to avoid overlap) and additional notes on how Segalization will handle any submitted questions.