Yu Suzuki’s Twitter Q&A Part 2: Shenmue 3 in-game footage won’t be shown until 2017

Last time Yu Suzuki was answering fan questions on twitter, I searched his twitter to find all the questions and answers to give them to you. This time, someone on Shenmue Dojo beat me to it. So you can check out the answers questions here or hit the jump for the complete transcript.

Some of the interesting bits includes a sketch of Akira in  High School from the cancelled Virtua Fighter RPG, Saying that we won’t see in-game footage of Shenmue 3 until 2017, and even confirmed that the game will be based on reality, unlike what that Shenmue Online trailer lead us to believe.

Bryan Figueroa – Considering how the Twitch video helped raise funds, are you willing to do another one before the Kickstarter ends?

YS: I would like to do Twitch and Reddit session again.

hqdefault#SAVESHENMUE III – What is your worst fear when making a game?

YS: Creating new elements. hard to tell if it will work. Enhance by simplifying. If not, need to add more elements.

RiGoRmOrTiS UK – Will Shenmue 3 start in the cave? I want the satisfaction of leaving it myself! don’t skip the moment!

YS: Either from Shenhua’s house, or the road leading up to Bailu Village.

RiGoRmOrTiS UK – Ryo’s jacket looks too neat and tidy, will it be changed to look closer to Shenmue 1 & 2?

YS: I’m thinking the same. I want it to be more worn out and fits more to Ryo. Brand new jacket doesn’t fit.

ThePhantomPain: suzuki-san is it possible to maybe play darts & other mini games online against fellow shenmue fans in shenmue 3?

YS: It’s one of the things I want to do, but we can’t do it all, so still thinking.

#SaveShenmue – who would win in a race, Hang-On motorcycle vs. Out Run car?

YS: Definitely the bike. He can’t lose to some joyrider with a girl in the passenger seat. or The not caught by police.

ShenmueIII#SaveShenmue – what is your favourite Japanese food/dish to eat?

YS: Sushi.

ThePhantomPain – Hi suzuki-san if all goes to plan when will we see first gameplay footage of shenmue 3?

YS: The footage of final version will come out sometime in 2017

LEISURE GAMING – Will Shenmue 3 have controller support? I can’t play with the keyboard and need a console controller to game on pc.

YS: I’m still thinking about what would be the best.

Barnaby Panton – What will be in the art book? Will it be art just from Shenmue III, or will it be art from all the Shenmue games?

YS: I’m want to hear requests and comments from you about what we will include.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Any chance to see Hamtaro as a cameo in Shenmue 3?

YS: http://t.co/qi0CFCSQmi


DO IT! – Will you draw new trailer for help the KS?

YS: Yes we are planning to publish it. Please check our KS page frequently.

Hibiki Rush – Did you base any of the Shenmue characters on people you knew in real life?

YS: Some of the characters are based on the team: Takimoto-san, Takeuchi-san, Hirai-san and Miyawaki-san.

シェンムー好きな人 – Does the Ryo call Goro?

YS: I like Goro, but I don’t know how popular he is among the fans…

Sumio Kodai – And will we be seeing the classic QTEs style return with the flashing icons?

YS: Yes I would like to implement it. I want it to be cooler than Shenmue 1 and 2.

segabits shenmue ren escapeRob Townsend – If you could create a spin-off game based around a character other than Ryo, who would you choose?

YS: I think it would be Ren. He grows from a rogue to the head of the HK Heavens. His fate is then changed by Ryo completely.

Neo Zeed – Please explain the High Ground Battle System stretch goal for #Shenmue3?

YS: It enables Ryo to have more interaction with his surroundings. I think it will be fun to increase the reaction chains.

シェンムー3発表やったね。 – Will there be a reappearance from Hiroshi Fujioka (Iwao Hazuki) who joined in on the Shenmue Gai announcement. I’d like to see his younger self and what he did.

YS: The other day Hiroshi Fujioka sent me some Fujioka coffee.

shenmue_introMr Metal Gear – would you consider cel shading ONLY for the characters (Ico/Sotc/Last Guardian) to make it look more closer to the artworks?

YS: To fully express the nostalgia from S1 and S2, I’m not planning to use it.

Chris Redfield – where does your interest in Chinese culture come from?

YS: Its the romance of Chinese martial arts and Chinese history.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Why Niao Sun’s breasts are so large?

YS: 98cm. You do the math.

Segabits Shenmue Asia Travel Company

Alberto Hdez. Sande – is it safe to assume that the CGi renders from Shenmue 1/2 are the intended final look for the character models?

YS: The models will have better quality than Shenmue 2

shenmue-24naflo – Could DLC be provided for Shenmue III ? any plan for additional contents after the release ?

YS: It’s under consideration.

Chris Benn – Any chance of seeing a playable Virtua Fighter arcade machine in Shenmue 3?

YS: Shenmue starts around 1986 where full-polygon games do not exist, so what should I do….

Chris Redfield – Sometimes are you not annoyed that the interest of your fans mainly concerns shenmue, to the detriment of your other works?

YS: Not at all, but hope for questions about my other games. Before the KS, 80% of q’s were Shenmue/10% Virtua Fighter/other 10%

ShenmuefightResnate – What are the 3 wishes @ $1400 tier? Will we see more jujutsu in #Shenmue3? What is AI Battling + High Ground Battle?

YS: Not decided, now its “strength”, “more money”, and “be popular with girls”. It’s the wishes of you backers, not Ryo.

Ming Ming – if the funding dosnt make 9M in 8 days, will we see a part time job anyway?

YS: Even if funding does not reach 9M there will be part time jobs. How many is still a secret.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Will Ryo shoot fireballs in Shenmue 3 like he did in the trailer of Shenmue Online?

YS: In Shenmue 3, the scenarios will follow very realistic moves.

Shenmue__166#SAVESHENMUE III – Except from cows cats dogs birds fishes, what new animals can we expect in Shenmue 3?

YS: There are scenes set in Chinese mountain roads, so I want to have animals that fit the scenes. No spoilers here.

Nicolas Zurini – how did you consider using Unreal Engine 4 instead of other middleware (Unity for example)? What were the criteria?

YS: It was the color. I believe UE4 could express the “shenmue color”. The atmosphere, the humidity, a world with “smell”

Adam Brooks – Yu, if Ryo was based on Akira was Lan-Di based roughly on Lau Chan?

YS: Lan Di uses the same martial arts Lau, but the character and the background setting are very different.


さつき@フェリシー – Since the hardware is different for Shenmue 3 we won’t be able to transfer the save. Will that mean that moves like the brawling uppercut won’t make an appearance? I ask because when going from Shenmue 1 to 2 I was sad to realize that the tornado kick was overwritten. I’m really looking forward for the launch of Shenmue 3.

YS: I’ll think about adding Brawling uppercut and Tornado kick.

Shenmue_Set2_284キリ – Which version do you recomend for someone who as neither of the two systems? Will there be any differences between PC and PS4?

YS: Both the PS4 version and the PC version will take advantage of the respective advantages of the hardware. So it doesn’t matter which you buy.

サワ @祝!シェンムー復活 – I love Shenmue but I’m terrible at playing games. The only reason I was able to finish the game was because the difficulty level dropped since I failed so much. Will there be a system to help me in Shenmue III too? (please!)

YS: Definitely! There will be a variable difficulty level so that new players that don’t know about Shenmue will be able to play.

Shaun Hastings – How did Joy and Ren become friends? Also I wonder how Guizhang would get along with Ren if they were to meet through Joy somehow?

YS: I think Joy and Ren are a good duo.

Shenmue-RyoHibiki Rush – Did any specific martial arts movies inspire you when creating the Shenmue story?

YS: Yes. Of course books on Chinese martial arts as well as Jakie Chen and Bruce Lee. I still watch HK Kungfu movies.

Hibiki Rush – Did any specific martial arts movies inspire you when creating the Shenmue story?

YS: The good and bad parts from Hong Kong B movies were the most helpful. JC&BL are complicated, hard to break moves down

芳賀 勇治 – Will you show something at Tokyo Game Show and events like that?

YS: As for this year’s TGS it’s undecided.

shenmue2こんぶ – Will Ryo and Shenhua stay in the same room at the inns in Shenmue 3?

YS: That depends on the vacancy of Choubu Inn. (Translation)

Chris El-Sharawy – have you seen this incredible tribute yet , please enjoy , from you devoted loving fanbasehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=em&v=M4nG7m0FZhc

YS: Thank you all so very much. I will do my best to meet your expectations, regardless of budget, and make a great game.

Exogenesis – Will all Shenmue 3 staff be based in Japan or will you outsource to stretch the budget?

YS: Japan will be the main location for development.

segabits shenmue tuesday tunes

Benji – why were the Bailu stretch goals the last stretch goals?

YS: Many of the new challenges in S3 are in Baisha. As a result the focus was put there.

segabits shenmueRubén Vera – Would you like to make new games for arcade machines?

YS: Yes. There is unique good about arcade machines. I want to make something that utilizes holographic image.

Exogenesis – Will we see Fuku-san again? Does he become a martial arts master?

YS: Look forward to his appearance through telephone calls.

Juan José Vélez – with the phone card, will you be able to call Nozomi many times and have different conversations?

YS: She will hate you if you call too many times.

segabits shenmue 50 man brawlDarin – Will i be able to follow people all around the villages?

YS: I will talk to Hirai about it.

by virtue of shenmue – Had Ryo been loved much to girls in Yokosuka high school? Or shoe box was full of love letter?

YS: I don’t think so. He was’t supposed to be like that.

Felipe Vasques – Even if the kickstarter finishes around the 5 Million mark, we will still have Bailu, Baisha and Choubu in the game?

YS: Yes they will be in the game.

Shenmue17FHZST – Suzuki San any details on the Magic Maze? That sounds really exciting and also is there more stretch goals after?

YS: Magic Maze is an auto-generating maze. If reached, the forest area will get much bigger + many events & elements along with it

ATUSI – Among the characters of Shenmue or you other games, who…
would you like to be friend with?
would you like to make your girlfriend?
do you actually hate?

YS: My wife is too scary, I can’t answer that.

YS : Ryo (Akira) in student (in response to by virtue of shenmue above)

Ryo drawing

にゃふく@シェンムー3発売決定! – Will Ren, who said “This is getting interesting!” when Ryo went to Guilin, appear in Shenmue 3. (Translation)


YS:  He will! I have an interesting appearance in mind.

Shenmue13Benji – I noticed @fumito_ueda , and @Kojima_Hideo follow you on twitter, could they support you in anyway?

YS: @diebenjidie @fumito_ueda @Kojima_Hideo Please support the Kickstarter Shenmue 3 project!

Celso F – What is your favorite programming language ?

YS: I think C# is a good one among the recent languages.

Mura – With QTE being overused in games now, often badly without deep thoughts, how will you approach this in Shenmue 3?

YS: I want to make a streamlined, Shenmue unique QTE.

RoundTableShenmue4Exogenesis – Any plans of a Shenmue TV drama once maybe the full story is revealed in the games?

YS: I look forward to your support!

Maurice Branscombe – How did Ryo get a Sega Saturn in 1986? Does he have time powers?

YS: That’s a secret.

ひととにゃん – Is it impossible for you to work with a japanese crowdfunding site (like Makuake)? I’m not that confident with foreign websites

YS: At the official site there’s an explanation of kickstarter so please take a look at that. There are Japanese speaking staff that can answer Kickstarter messages.

segabits shenmue arcadeだいぞう@祝!シェンムーⅢ発売決定! – I loved the soundtrack more than the story or graphics. Will there be a special CD like the jukebox from Shenmue 1.

YS: We’re planning on adding nostalgic tracks from Shenmue 1 and 2 on the soundtrack that comes with the 250 dollar pledge.

YS: Thank you very much everyone for your questions! I look forward to this again. Let’s make this next week the best yet!

The Kickstarter ends in less than a week, click here to support. Spread the word around and let’s see how it goes. 


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