Samba De Amigo and Rhythm Thief developer would love to create a Nintendo All Star Musical

Shun Nakamura earned his SEGA respect back in the day when he created Samba De Amigo that apppeared in Arcades, SEGA Dreamcast and later ported over to the Nintendo Wii. He is now working on his new IP known as Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure on the 3DS. In the interview he was asked if he could work on a Nintendo franchise what would it be?

” I would rather pick out no titles! Honestly, I would like to enjoy Nintendo titles just as a user rather than developer, because most of them are too great and seem so hard to develop. If I had to, I’d ideally create something like Nintendo All Star Musical, a rhythm game like Rhythm Thief using Nintendo characters and background music. Mario rhythmically follows the stage while Koopa Troopa’s location is based on the rhythm, and that makes a track, for example. Nintendo, I’m looking forward to your offer!” – Shun Nakamura

Sadly the interview conducted by Computer and Videogames is very Nintendo related, disappointing me since I have like 30 questions I would love to ask Shun Nakamura about Samba de Amigo.

Rhythm Thief – Has Samba de Amigo and Space Channel 5 Games!

I was pretty excited about Rhythm Thief for the Nintendo 3DS when it was announced and the more I’ve seen of it the more it looks like another fantastic Sega IP. But this little update is probably the most exciting thing I’ve seen so far; A throw back to both Space Channel 5 and Samba de Amigo- two of the best rhythm games ever made! (In my opinion…)

I’m totally sold on this game now, it looks amazing! Now throw in that Hatsune Miku character and grab yourself an easy 200k more sales Sega.

Hit the jump to see the Samba de Amigo gameplay, and another game play video.

Fan pays tribute to the Dreamcast by making custom Samba de Amigo toy

So now that we have cooled down from all the Dreamcast Anniversary posting, we can look at what some other people have been doing to celebrate Dreamcast’s 12 anniversary. This one comes in from Albert Art:

“I’m excited to reveal my latest custom toy, a 10″ MAD*L to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of the SEGA DREAMCAST which launched on 9.9.99 (September 9, 1999).

As a fan of the videogame console, and of the games on the Dreamcast, I decided to create this toy to pay respect to the long gone videogame platform, which inspired me to become an artist during high school. This is a very special toy, and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Sega Dreamcast Anniversary 9.9.11”

If you want to read more about the toy and see more pictures, check out his blog here.

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