SEGA adds more gaming soundtracks to Spotify

SEGASoundtracksSEGA adds more gaming soundtracks to Spotify for your listening pleasure. It seems that SEGA is going to continue to add more in the upcoming months? I sure hope so. But as of right now, there are a ton of new SEGA soundtracks to feast your teeth into. Here are some of the franchises that got soundtracks added to the music streaming service:

  • Fantasy Zone
  • NiGHTS 
  • Out Run
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Chain Chronicle
  • Shinobi/Nightshade
  • Space Harrier
  • Rhythm Thief 
  • Gunblade NY & L.A. Machineguns
  • Power Drift
  • Alex Kidd

There are more here and there. Want to have a gander yourself? Check out SEGA’s artist page on Spotify. It does seem that this was done by SEGA Japan, only because there are some very Japanese focused soundtracks like Chain Chronicle (never published outside of Japan by SEGA) and Nightshade is using its Japanese name of Kunoichi. SEGA adds more gaming soundtracks to Spotify, does this mean you will be less likely to get a physical version of these soundtracks? Personally I think people that stream, where going to stream it regardless. What soundtrack is missing that you want? Sound off in the comments.

Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle includes SEGA’s Rhythm Thief

RhythmThiefCoinHumbleRhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure was a pretty excellent rhythm game by SEGA on the Nintendo 3DS, it is just too bad it didn’t sell up to expectations. Some consider the game to be one of the rare 3DS games to get physically and if you have always wanted to play the game on the cheap, Humble Bundle will give you a chance along with more Wii U & 3DS games.

Here are the tiers for their Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle:

Pay $1 or more to get

  • Retro City Rampage: DX (3DS)
  • Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U)
  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (Wii U & 3DS)

Beat the average (right now its $9.57) to get

  • Freedom Planet (Wii U)
  • Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)
  • Citizens of Earth (Wii U & 3DS)
  • Retro City Rampage: DX HOME theme (3DS)
  • More games coming soon…

Pay $13 dollars or more and also get 

  • Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Ed ( 3DS)
  • Darksiders II (Wii U)

Just like past Humble Bundles, if you get the top tier you get everything below it. Now is Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure worth $10 dollars? Yes! Now put in games like Freedom Planet and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, makes this a steal. Check the Humble Bundle for yourself.

Update: SEGA announces iOS & Android winter release lineup: Sonic 2, Rhythm Thief, Demon Tribe, and Racing Transformed!

Update: A press release has arrived, and with it clarification of the platforms! The story has been revised to reflect the new information.

Fans of mobile SEGA titles will be excited to hear that a bunch of releases are on the horizon! Today, SEGA has revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remastered will headline the mobile releases. Also coming is an iOS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, a mobile adaptation of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS title Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure entitled Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper, and the Japanese action RPG Demon Tribe. As of now, we’re only hearing about iOS releases, if we learn of other mobile operating systems getting the games, we’ll be sure to update this story.

After the break, learn more about each of the titles and check out some snazzy screenshots.

Rhythm Thief Now Available on the Nintendo eShop


Rhythm Thief may have become one of the more obscure 3DS titles to hit store shelves, but SEGA has made it easier to get a hold of the title by releasing the game on the Nintendo eShop starting this week and is retailing at $19.99 in the American eShop while priced at €44.99 / £39.99 in the European eShop. Quite a difference in price between the two regions. This joins Sonic Generations 3DS on the eShop as part of Nintendo’s initiative to put up titles for download that were made available prior to their push for retail games on the eShop.

If you want more information on the game, be sure to hit up Shigs’ review of the 3DS version here.


Rhythm Thief game coming to iOS


It has been confirmed by SEGA that a Rhythm Thief game will be coming to iOS as a freemium game sometime this winter. The exact nature of the game and whether or not it will be released in the west is currently unknown, though the game will supposedly be tweaked for shorter play sessions and will include social features. Freemium games typically give you a basic game package for free, than charge you for additional in-game items. SEGA’s Spiral Knights online RPG uses such a system.

We should find out exactly what this game will be when the Tokyo Game Show rolls around later this month. Cross your fingers for a western release!

Rhythm Thief is a rhythm game originally released for the 3DS. It uses rhythm games to play out a variety of scenarios in the game’s storyline. It received a B+ from us last month and has been well received by critics. As a major fan of the game myself, I would highly recommend picking it up and supporting SEGA’s original IP releases.

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Sonic Talk Episode 10 “Better Late than Never”


FINALLY!! Yours truly learned how to edit audio and has a double dose of Sonic Talk for you this week!

Sorry about the lateness of this episode. We recorded this just days before We left for the San Diego Comic Con and it took us forever to get it out. This episode has a lot of GX and Nuckles87 getting on each others nerves in a fun way while I’m lucky to get a word in. One thing I’ll say, this week’s episode has more music than ever before.

SEGA Tunes: Rhythm Thief Month “Melody of Hope”

Melody of Hope is a very dynamic, beautful track. Despite it’s name, it does not start out as an optimistic song. Indeed, from the offset it’s quite foreboding. Then, about midway, it begins to change it’s tone. There is some genuine conflict in the song as it evolves into something truly optimistic and uplifting. This is the kind of track that can really be appreciated on it’s own, even without a game, and highlights just how spectacular the Rhythm Thief soundtrack can be. It also goes very well with its plays in the game’s storyline, which I won’t elaborate upon so as to avoid spoilers.

Below is Moon Princess, Marie’s first song in the game and alongside Melody of Hope, also one of the its best tracks.

Review: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure

It’s been a very long time coming, but after months of being in Japan and Europe Rhythm Thief has finally arrived on American shores. If the rumors of the game selling out are true, it seems to be a hit! But was this game worth the long wait? Will Phantom R’s musical escapades win you over or does it fall out of tune? Read on.

Rhythm Thief is out now in North America: Check out the launch trailer

It’s sure taken its time getting here, but North American 3DS owners can now get their hands on Samba de Amigo director Shun Nakamura’s latest rhythm adventure.

Combining rhythm mini-games with puzzles and light exploration elements, the game’s a good bit of fun and has no shortage of charm.

Check out its official launch trailer above and be sure to pick it up while you can still find it.

SEGA Tunes: Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure: The Musical!

Today, the first original SEGA rhythm game since the days of Space Channel 5 and Samba de Amigo, makes it’s debut. Rhythm Thief, available exclusively for the 3DS, is part rhythm gam and part Professor Layton-esque puzzle game, with a healthy amount of inspiration from SEGA’s classic rhythm games sprinkled throughout. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since the game is directed by Samba de Amigo director and Sonic Team alumni Shun Nakamura.

To mark the occasion, the good people over at Random Encounter Entertainment have put together a little musical based around the game’s characters and plot. It’s a funny little musical number that does a pretty good job of actually explaining what the game is about. Big thanks goes to the people of Random Encounter for putting together this little tribute to a game that will probably go ignored when it is released today, and to Aaron Webber for both co-producing this and sending it in to us!

SEGA Tunes: Rhythm Thief Month, “Claire de Luna”

Welcome to the first installment of a month long Tuesday Tunes Feature: Rhythm Thief Month! It’s been years since we’ve had a new SEGA rhythm game, so Tuesday Tunes is going to mark the occasion with over a month’s worth of the game’s awesome soundtrack!

Featuring this weak is the game’s official music video for the game’s J-pop theme, “Claire de Luna” by Japanese singer/song writer miwa. While not representative of the game’s in-game tracks, which features a wide range of genres, it’s a pretty awesome J-pop track accompanied by a well put together selection of animated scenes from the game’s numerous animated cut scenes.

Rhythm Thief looks like it will be a very special game, something I hope all of our readers will pick up, especially in light of SEGA’s recent troubles. The game has a spectacular track. This is going to be a very fun month! Two more tracks including the Rhythm Thief Main Theme and It’s Show Time are below the fold.

Hands-on with Rhythm Thief: Find out why this should be on your radar

There’s no doubt about it; there are many games out there, all of them vying for your money and attention in a competitive marketplace. At a time when the industry’s favoring, by and large, a play-it-safe approach to development, it’s always a breath of fresh air when a game surfaces that feels like something truly unique. Judging by its latest demo (now available on the 3DS’ North American eShop) Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure is one such game.

Rhythm Thief demo now available on U.S. 3DS E-Shop

Finally! U.S. gamers can get their hands on a demo of the upcoming rhythm-based game, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure. The demo feature 3 levels to give you a good feel for the game. Here’s a quote from Sega’s announcement this morning.

Good news everyone! The Rhythm Thief Demo launches today across North America in the 3DS E Shop! You play as Raphael, a normal every day kid by day, and Phantom R by night – the heroic thief who is famous among Parisians for stealing paintings only to return them a few days later. There’s a mystery afoot, with full map navigation across Paris, intricate and involved story, and tons of musical mini-games.

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure will be available Tuesday, July 10th.

Rhythm Thief not cancelled! Demo arriving this summer

Though it was only given a brief mention at Nintendo’s 3DS-specific E3 press conference, it serves as confirmation that SEGA’s Rhythm Thief is indeed still going to see release in North America. A demo will be released this summer, which hopefully indicates a release date in the very near future.

The well-received rhythm game is already available in Europe and Japan.

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Samba De Amigo and Rhythm Thief developer would love to create a Nintendo All Star Musical

Shun Nakamura earned his SEGA respect back in the day when he created Samba De Amigo that apppeared in Arcades, SEGA Dreamcast and later ported over to the Nintendo Wii. He is now working on his new IP known as Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure on the 3DS. In the interview he was asked if he could work on a Nintendo franchise what would it be?

” I would rather pick out no titles! Honestly, I would like to enjoy Nintendo titles just as a user rather than developer, because most of them are too great and seem so hard to develop. If I had to, I’d ideally create something like Nintendo All Star Musical, a rhythm game like Rhythm Thief using Nintendo characters and background music. Mario rhythmically follows the stage while Koopa Troopa’s location is based on the rhythm, and that makes a track, for example. Nintendo, I’m looking forward to your offer!” – Shun Nakamura

Sadly the interview conducted by Computer and Videogames is very Nintendo related, disappointing me since I have like 30 questions I would love to ask Shun Nakamura about Samba de Amigo.