SEGA / Namco / Capcom Project teaser site gets updated with more hints

Last time I the site was updated it was to five chromosomes per publisher
. Now they added one more to each, totaling at six. It seems that everyone is saying that these chromosomes are hints of characters they will be using for the crossover 3DS game. We all took our wild guesses at the SEGA one, one totally looks like Bayonetta.


Above is the chromosomes for Capcom and Namco. What do you see in there? Hard to tell with just colors. If you want to check out the Japanese teaser site, click here.

SEGA / Namco / Capcom Project teaser site gets updated

We already know that SEGA was teaming up with Namco-Bandai and Capcom to develop a 3DS game. What will be in the game? We don’t know. They are very tight lipped at the moment. The teaser site they created has now been updated. Even though we haven’t posted about the teaser site, all it is right now is a flash site with petri dishes of each publisher. When you click on a petri dish you get to see 5 chromosomes for each publisher. Each has a unique color.

[SEGA’s chromosomes from the teaser site]

Could the unique color chromosomes be hinting at something? Maybe what ‘retro’ characters are going to be used? Capcom and Namco-Bandai have teamed up on the PS2 before and what they released was Namco x Capcom. A Tactical RPG hybrid game. That one didn’t fare too well in Japan with Famitsu giving it 28/40. What do you guys think?