SEGA / Namco / Capcom Project teaser site gets updated

We already know that SEGA was teaming up with Namco-Bandai and Capcom to develop a 3DS game. What will be in the game? We don’t know. They are very tight lipped at the moment. The teaser site they created has now been updated. Even though we haven’t posted about the teaser site, all it is right now is a flash site with petri dishes of each publisher. When you click on a petri dish you get to see 5 chromosomes for each publisher. Each has a unique color.

[SEGA’s chromosomes from the teaser site]

Could the unique color chromosomes be hinting at something? Maybe what ‘retro’ characters are going to be used? Capcom and Namco-Bandai have teamed up on the PS2 before and what they released was Namco x Capcom. A Tactical RPG hybrid game. That one didn’t fare too well in Japan with Famitsu giving it 28/40. What do you guys think?


11 responses to “SEGA / Namco / Capcom Project teaser site gets updated

  1. I’m really trying to place the character colors for SEGA and Capcom, assuming thats what they are, but I can’t. 😛

  2. Kori-Maru says:

    The only ones I can probably can figure out is Dante, Chris Redfield, and Gemini Sunrise from Sakura Taisen V.

  3. I think Zero is in the Capcom group.

    VF1 Akira in the SEGA group? Grey outfit, red wristbands?

  4. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    If Dante and Bayonetta are in this game, that would be amazing.

  5. Orta says:

    Ulala in the middle bottom?

  6. George says:

    Yeah, Bayonetta is definitely the one in the bottom left hand corner. The colors match up quite well. If we get most of them all tonight, we should do a nice post.

  7. SMT_Xero says:

    Alex kidd looks like he would fit bottom middle

  8. CrazyTails says:

    Bayonetta on my 3ds?

  9. Ali M. N says:

    I think Japan’s game industry is in danger,
    and these guys better to move their ass,
    and do some serious team work together,

    Something like Smash Bros or Kingdom Hearts
    but made from Namco X Capcom X SEGA,

    Fighting game? RPG? Action RPG? whatever…
    There is no doubt that Jin Kazama VS Ryu VS Akira or, Pacman VS Megaman VS Sonic or
    whatever….mash up works.

  10. SkyBlue says:

    The last one looks like Miku (teal blue, white, grey and skin colour one)

  11. Steve says:

    You guys have missed out an important clue in those screenshots: Banpresto logo in the corner… This is a Namco Bandai subsidiary made game that could be akin to Super Robot Wars in a chibi-esq form..

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