Nagoshi hopes his Yakuza studio is the next AM2

[Logo for  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio]

We grew up as SEGA fans, so when we hear AM2 a rush of games pop into our head, most of them damn amazing. Its hard not to love AM2 when they release such quality software like Virtua Fighter series, Outrun, Shenmue, and many more classics.

Nagoshi was asked in the panel if he wanted his team,  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, to be a landmark team the same way AM2 was for SEGA. Nagoshi says he hopes it happens and he also wants people to see them as a studio that brings out quality games.

As for Nagoshi leaving SEGA, it isn’t true.  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio actually works in the SEGA building. So false.
[Source: AndriaSang]