Nagoshi hopes his Yakuza studio is the next AM2

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We grew up as SEGA fans, so when we hear AM2 a rush of games pop into our head, most of them damn amazing. Its hard not to love AM2 when they release such quality software like Virtua Fighter series, Outrun, Shenmue, and many more classics.

Nagoshi was asked in the panel if he wanted his team,  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, to be a landmark team the same way AM2 was for SEGA. Nagoshi says he hopes it happens and he also wants people to see them as a studio that brings out quality games.

As for Nagoshi leaving SEGA, it isn’t true.  Ryu ga Gotoku Studio actually works in the SEGA building. So false.
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5 responses to “Nagoshi hopes his Yakuza studio is the next AM2

  1. Trippled says:

    What happened to AM2 anyways, I thought they were one of the few Studios which structure remained the same after merging with Sammy.

    Anyway with just making Yakuza (or Yakuza-like games) don’t think they won’t get the same attention that AM2 did.

  2. Trippled says:

    I know, but it’s not much compared to the Past.

  3. Arc Christelle says:

    That’s a goal I can respect.

  4. Sega Uranus says:

    AM2 is very busy with all variations of Border Break, Shining Force Cross and of course Virtua Fighter 5. Not only do they constantly alter these games, they have to support all of the servers and systems that run the games. Along with what George said, they also ported both Virtual-On games to the Xbox 360.

    Supposedly they are also making the next major arcade hardware, which I assume also means Virtua Fighter 6, but we will have to wait till next year to see what they are up to with all of this.

    I have a hard time believing Ryu ga Gotoku Studio will be considered as high quality as AM2, but right now I am more worried about the majority of these games reaching North America at all.

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