Valkyria Chronicles 3 anime coming out next month

SEGA has revealed that you will be able to rent the first part (of two) of the Valkyria Chronicles OVA, called “Senjo no Valkyria 3 Tagatame no Juusou” on April 15th through May 12th via PSN & Sony’s Qriocity video on demand service. The first part clocks in at 30 minutes, will cost you ¥500 (about $6 USD) in HD and ¥400 (about $5 USD)  in SD.

For those of you that do download the film via the services above, you will get a code to unlock “Innen no Taiketsu,” a free mission in Valkyria Chronicles 3. This mission is a what “if” mission, where Kurt and the Nameless have to work the Squad 7.

As for retail, there will be a Blu-Ray and DVD version of the first part of the OVA released on June 29. There will be a limited edition and standard.