Valkyria Chronicles 3 anime coming out next month

SEGA has revealed that you will be able to rent the first part (of two) of the Valkyria Chronicles OVA, called “Senjo no Valkyria 3 Tagatame no Juusou” on April 15th through May 12th via PSN & Sony’s Qriocity video on demand service. The first part clocks in at 30 minutes, will cost you ¥500 (about $6 USD) in HD and ¥400 (about $5 USD)  in SD.

For those of you that do download the film via the services above, you will get a code to unlock “Innen no Taiketsu,” a free mission in Valkyria Chronicles 3. This mission is a what “if” mission, where Kurt and the Nameless have to work the Squad 7.

As for retail, there will be a Blu-Ray and DVD version of the first part of the OVA released on June 29. There will be a limited edition and standard.

There are going to be two limited editions, one will be called Black Package and the other Blue Package. Each one will have its own audio commentary track and other bonus features. The Blu-ray version will run you at ¥6,090 (about $74 USD) and DVD version at ¥5,040  (about $60 USD). Both versions of the limited edition will have a code for a Valkyria Chronicles 3 extra episode named “Isara Hashiru!”. This will give you more background story of the OVA.

The regular edition DVD will cost ¥3,990 (about $48 USD).

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  1. Does any of this, the game, the Anime, etc. have English subtitles?

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Defenitly looking forward to this

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