Destructoid talks females in games, has Bayonetta as guest

Constructoid is a show that discusses the ‘issues’ in video games. This one features Princess Peach and Bayonetta as examples of bad stereotypes in games.

The video basically shows everything that’s negative about Bayonetta, yet doesn’t take the time to shed light on what’s positive about her character. Is she ‘sexy’? Yes. Is she a whore? No. You would have to have sexual intercourse to do this or even ‘touch’ someone sexually. Bayonetta didn’t do this. But she did have character, especially her relationship with Jeanne. Also I don’t see Bayonetta, a character who isn’t ashamed of herself and who defends herself, as a negative for the feminist movement. (I talk more about this here).

I think that people, especially men, overthink this ‘sexual’ issue with women in video games. Why is it always men that whine about it? Girl gamers don’t seem to mind it, seeing as how Bayonetta is being cosplayed so often.

Talking Classics – Keith Dreams of Dreamcast

If you haven’t seen ‘Talking Classics’ with Keith Apicary, then you are missing out. Some of the episodes can be hit or miss, but its basically a video game related Napoleon Dynamite.

In the latest episode, posted yesterday, Keith talks about SEGA’s Dreamcast. Give it a play, don’t take it seriously.