Destructoid talks females in games, has Bayonetta as guest

Constructoid is a show that discusses the ‘issues’ in video games. This one features Princess Peach and Bayonetta as examples of bad stereotypes in games.

The video basically shows everything that’s negative about Bayonetta, yet doesn’t take the time to shed light on what’s positive about her character. Is she ‘sexy’? Yes. Is she a whore? No. You would have to have sexual intercourse to do this or even ‘touch’ someone sexually. Bayonetta didn’t do this. But she did have character, especially her relationship with Jeanne. Also I don’t see Bayonetta, a character who isn’t ashamed of herself and who defends herself, as a negative for the feminist movement. (I talk more about this here).

I think that people, especially men, overthink this ‘sexual’ issue with women in video games. Why is it always men that whine about it? Girl gamers don’t seem to mind it, seeing as how Bayonetta is being cosplayed so often.


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  1. matty says:

    I was going to post this in the Destructiod comments -butsincethatsawasteoffuckingtime- I was thinking the same thing, G Man; men are always the ones who nab this on the butt first these days. It's a non issue with me. I see people as people, which is I think what Holmes was getting at towards the end. When you get back towards slicing and dicing matters, though, the message gets muddled.

    To be fair, though, Holmes took a bigger issue with Peach as she is one-dimensional as they come. The thing is I don't think Nintendo gives two shits about that, and when they did, well… Other M. That wasn't their aim with Peach is basically what it comes down too. She's merely an avatar for playing tennis and riding go-karts. If you're looking for "depth" – look elsewhere.

    As for Bayonetta, I don't know, never played that game. She looks and acts 10x more interesting than Lara Croft, at least.

    If you're a man at all and look to maintain a relationship with a women, you already know this.

  2. George, I think you're partly right. As to whether it's empowering or sexist, think of it if it was a male lead whose clothes came off every time he did a super attack, wiggled his butt all the time, pole-danced, etc. That would be really irritating. I've finished Bayonetta, and I thought it was a well-done game, but that stuff was a little annoying. I won't be playing it again. I like their comparison of Jack to Bayonetta. That was totally fair. It's like the archetypal man is meant to pound his enemies to dust, and the archetypal woman is meant to be ogled.

  3. George says:

    Jack is basically the stereotype of a 'Sexy man'. Leather jacket, big and muscular. No men called out sexist when he came along?

    Seems that only one women can be sexist. A bit sexist.

  4. Jack's clothes don't come off all the time. He doesn't hint at or evoke sex at all. Just violence. They are both stereotypes built from a male point of view. There's nothing wrong with that. We are the demographic. I think Bayonetta was still a good game, and I would defend their right to make it. For me, I like games with more fleshed out characters. That includes Madworld.

  5. / I mean that Madworlds characters are just as shallow.

  6. Colaya says:

    "To be fair, though, Holmes took a bigger issue with Peach as she is one-dimensional as they come."

    I can't even think of one Mario character that ISN'T one dimensional…

    Anyway, I think the main issue here is that they create a false image of women and distorts people's views on what a woman should be like… Which, really, they are doing whether you want to admit it or not. <_<

    I don't think video game characters distort our views nearly as much as mainstream media, though.

  7. George says:

    If you look at video games to get a real world interpretation of anything you have issues. It is a fantasy world. According to this logic, Jet Set Radio shouldn't have tagging because it would create the false image that its OK to vandalize public property.

    I think the average male that plays video games, that actually are social, knows the difference between a fake character like Bayonetta and a real woman.

    I don't expect every male I meet to be a buffed up space marine like Gears of War characters and I doubt girl gamers do either.

  8. matty says:

    "I can’t even think of one Mario character that ISN’T one dimensional…"

    Well, King Koopa can be complex sometimes. And you know Birdo has some issues going on…

    I have to side with Agent G again, you can look at Jersey Shore and see what's-her-name making a complete mess of herself and say she's setting women's rights back 20 years (or even vice versa if you're that messed up) – I just see another dumbass on TV.

    Like I said, if you interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures you know better. If you're easily spoon fed to fallow stereotypes of any sort…

    What the hell happened to parents? Did kids all across the globe lose them and now people have to fallow the media for role models now? Even if they're complete dumbasses? Who the hell has these problems? :/

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