Free Japanese Binary Domain DLC on Xbox 360 is region free

So if you didn’t know, Japanese consumers have been treated to free DLC for Binary Domain. We English speakers haven’t received such luxury. But you know what? I really want this DLC, since it lets you play as Yakuza characters in mulitplayer. Sadly, I own the Playstation 3 version and I tried downloading the DLC from the Japanese PSN store.  Guess what? Nothing.

Though the Xbox 360 version will work with the Japanese DLC. Isn’t it ironic that it doesn’t work on the Playstation 3 after they boasted so much about it being region free?  Thanks to Sanus, who wrote about the Xbox 360 DLC being region free. The DLC adds Goro Majima as the ‘Crusher’ class with a shotgun, Shun Akiyama as the ‘Gunner’ with a submachine gun, and Ryuji Goda is the ‘Defender’ with a heavy machinegun. Kazuma Kiryu sadly isn’t free DLC, it was a pre-order bonus in Japan. More screenshots of the DLC can be found here.

Yakuza 4 character trailer – Shun Akiyama


Nagoshi’s latest game, Binary Domain might have had a “not so great” debut trailer, but it seems his Yakuza 4 game is starting off its American marketing rather well. Now we are starting character trailers with Shun Akiyama.

I like the English voice trailer, even if they are trying to hide the fact that the game will be all Japanese voiced. Game will be hitting a Playstation 3 near you this upcoming Spring. You ready?

Shun Akiyama revealed for ‘Yakuza 5′

Sega today announced a 3rd playable character for their upcoming but unnamed 5th game in the Yakuza series. (Not including spin-offs)

Yakuza 4’s Shun Akiyama will return with a pair of nifty handguns to join existing cast of badass Goro Majima and tiger puncher Kazuma Kiryu.

Each character so far has had a gun or guns in hand, what does this mean for the series that has always been a brawler… Well I hope that they have incorporated shooting levels and areas into the existing game play as they did chasing people down in Yakuza 3 and not all out changed the game into some kind of 3rd person shooter.

We’ll just have to wait and see but I will say one thing… I think this game will have the best playable cast yet.