Sonic Talk #5: This episode is totally Metal!

Sorry for how late this episode is and we have no extra guest this week. But we’ll make up for that next week with IAN FLYNN!! For now, it’s just me and Nux talkin’ all things Sonic.

This week, we talk about the Sonic 2 HD fiasco, the reboot rumor, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 4-2 Avatar items and of course, Sonic 4 Episode Metal. In comic talk we’ll discuss Sonic Universe #38 along with a little of #39, the weepfest that is Sonic #235 and I’ll tell you EXACTLY who the supposed “traitor” is! (I’m using quotation marks cuz technically, there is no traitor.) If I’m wrong, Ian Flynn can shave my head at the San Diego Comic-Con! All this and our game topic of the week is the awesome Sonic Triple Trouble!

If you have a question for Ian Flynn leave it in our comment section by Thursday morning and it may make it on the air.

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Fan game: Sonic 2 HD gets alpha demo released

Sonic 2 HD fan project has now released an alpha version of their demo. Sonic 2 HD has been in the works for 3 and a half years. Since this is an alpha demo, you will be limited in what stages you can play. Right now only Emerald Hill Zone. Also since its alpha, it’s not expected to be perfect. I have to say, it’s impressive work being done by the team.

So you are asking where you can download it? Right here. The demo only supports Windows XP – Windows 7. Sorry Mac and Linux fans. The demo clocks in at 85.36 MB.

Sonic 2 HD is looking awesome, teaser trailer released

The team behind Sonic 2 HD are almost ready to release the alpha build, so to tease the internet they have decided to make one of those teaser trailers that everyone likes.

The game is going to stay ‘true’ to the original and keep the physics, which most Sonic fans seem to like. Should be a solid release, but you have to question why SEGA, a big company, can’t put out a product like this? It isn’t like Sonic games don’t sell…

[Source: YouTube]