Sonic Talk The 13th: “Keep it on the download”

These past two weeks, I’ve hardly played a thing on disc as so many great games have been making it to the download scene. Now, Sonic’s got a few downloadable games out or coming out himself. This week, we’ll be talking to Community Manager Kellie Parker and Brand Manager Mia Patrino on Sonic Adventure 2 HD. Meanwhile, me, Nux and GX will be discussing the just released Sonic Jump along with exciting news over the new features in the upcoming Sonic The Fighters. As always we’ll have discussions on Sonic news, the recent comics. Plus Sonic music interludes and more! Youtube link will be available later.


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Sega Funnies: “An O.O.C. Moment”

With the new Sonic Adventure 2 HD out for 360/PS3, I thought I’d show you a classic Sonic Eggs comic I wrote with art by Ame Musashi. I always thought it was funny that with all the drama going on in the main story, that the heroes and villains would take time to care and raise some random Chao while acting completely out of character. Full comic in the comment section. Enjoy!

Sonic Adventure 2 HD DLC confirmed along with some Big news

Some Big SA2HD news out of PAX. Sonic Stadium reports that SA2 will become SA2 Battle through DLC much in the same way Sonic Adventure became DX. This will either delight or enrage fans as this means that battle mode comes at a separate cost but you get the updated graphics in the regular version.

In other news, Big the Cat will return to the game as an Easter Egg of sorts. You may remember Big being in the background of certain levels and cutscenes in the original Dreamcast version but was taken out of the Gamecube “Battle” port. Well, now he’s put back in so keep an eye out for the fat cat.