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Rumor: Sonic Anniversary to be Titled “Sonic Generations”

As with any rumor, take this with a pinch of salt, don’t shoot the messenger, etc.

The Sonic fan community is buzzing with word that the upcoming 2011 Sonic game, usually referred to as Sonic Anniversary, will officially be titled “Sonic Generations”. The rumor started when Spanish Sonic website Sonic Paradise reported that a magazine by the name of Hobby Consolas let slip that the upcoming Sonic game will be titled Sonic Generations and will be headed to the 360 (and though not stated, probably the PS3 as well).

To add to the rumor, Sonic Paradise reports that intermediary company EuroDNS SA., the company that had registered the web domains for Sonic 4 and Anarchy Reigns for SEGA, have registered the domain and Currently the sites link to nothing, but I did check their registrants and it’s true! The Sonic Generations domain is registered to the same folks who registered the Sonic 4 domain.

I’d say it’s an apt title. Video games are always grouped by generation, and in his 20 year history Sonic has been through many generations. With the game being rumored to feature 3D recreations of past classic levels, “Generations” fits.

[Source: Sonic Paradise, image created by Sonic Stadium member Hogfather]

Sonic levels that should be in Sonic Anniversary

Picking out your favorite Sonic levels is like picking out your favorite child, sometimes its easy because someone failed math and other times its difficult to do, because you hate them all equally.

We have decided to take a crack at compiling a list of Sonic levels we would like to see in Sonic Anniversary (If the details turn out to be true and they seem like they will). I will only go through the main console series, way too many Sonic games to go through spin offs and handhelds.

This is our opinion, if you have some stages not mentioned, give us a comment letting us know how wrong our opinions are.

Sonic 20th Anniversary game details leaked?

The Spanish Sonic fansite, Sonic Paradise, has made bold claims to have the first details for the upcoming Sonic game in 2011. Its tentative title is Sonic Anniversary. We know a anniversary game was coming… but the first details seem exciting.

The game is suppose to take the best levels from Sonic’s past catalog and have you blast through them in current gen consoles. The levels will be in 3D and in 2D. No clue if this means that 2D levels will stay 2D or if all levels have ‘changing’ dimensions like Sonic Colors or Sonic Unleashed.

What has been ‘confirmed’ has been the platforms the game will appear on. It is suppose to be in the works for the PS3, Wii, DS and PSP. The Xbox 360 version has not been confirmed and supposed to be under negotiations.

In the confirmation at Sonic Paradise, they also confirm a new ‘Mario & Sonic’ game is in the works. But who didn’t see this one coming?

[Source: Sonic Paradise]