Rumor: Sonic Anniversary to be Titled “Sonic Generations”

As with any rumor, take this with a pinch of salt, don’t shoot the messenger, etc.

The Sonic fan community is buzzing with word that the upcoming 2011 Sonic game, usually referred to as Sonic Anniversary, will officially be titled “Sonic Generations”. The rumor started when Spanish Sonic website Sonic Paradise reported that a magazine by the name of Hobby Consolas let slip that the upcoming Sonic game will be titled Sonic Generations and will be headed to the 360 (and though not stated, probably the PS3 as well).

To add to the rumor, Sonic Paradise reports that intermediary company EuroDNS SA., the company that had registered the web domains for Sonic 4 and Anarchy Reigns for SEGA, have registered the domain and Currently the sites link to nothing, but I did check their registrants and it’s true! The Sonic Generations domain is registered to the same folks who registered the Sonic 4 domain.

I’d say it’s an apt title. Video games are always grouped by generation, and in his 20 year history Sonic has been through many generations. With the game being rumored to feature 3D recreations of past classic levels, “Generations” fits.

[Source: Sonic Paradise, image created by Sonic Stadium member Hogfather]


16 responses to “Rumor: Sonic Anniversary to be Titled “Sonic Generations”

  1. Also: GENErations, GENEsis. Connection?

  2. Pao says:

    Terrible name…

  3. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    Can't wait to hear more about it.

  4. Suzuki Yu says:


    i agree

  5. Suzuki Yu says:

    i mean i agree, terrible name

    but yeah me too i can't wait to hear more info and better see it in motion

  6. I hated Colors when I first heard it, sounded like a Wii painting game, but now I can't imagine it being called anything else.

    As long as the game is good, I'll take the awkward title. THat, or they do it in the Genesis font.

  7. CrazyTails says:

    The title ain't really bad imo.

  8. SMT_Xero says:

    bad name? just like colours the name fits perfectly if it turns out the way rumors say.

  9. CosmicCastaway says:

    I think it's a excellent title. Let's hope we hear some official news about this soon!

  10. Forgot to add, this is the same way we found out about Free Riders (website was acquired by the same folks before E3 announcement). A week later, Free Riders was announced. So we may very well hear official word soon 🙂

  11. CrazyTails says:

    Why is only the name, getting me excited allready. It does really feel weird not getting less news after so long of small cash ins between as well. Is this rare or have I forgotten? I really can't remember a sonic game so long in the work.

    I feel that i'm still a sonic fan at heart even after so much patience. I think if they really bring forward something mindblowing. Something so mindblowing that nobody expected it. That would make all things end so perfectly.

    *Realistic mode*

    Well anyway. Let me not be too optomistic however. It could turn out average again….. but yeah, excited

  12. CrazyTails says:

    I cannot edit my post. It's supposed to be ''"getting less news" instead of "not getting less news"

  13. ezodagrom says:

    That's kinda how the first hints of the existence of Phantasy Star Online 2 started, last August "Shougai PSO" found out that the domain was registered by SEGA.

    3 weeks after the discovery of the domain, PSO2 was officially announced. 😛

  14. Sharky says:

    Sonic Colours was a terrible name, it sounded childish and unfitting…

    But now it rolls off the tongue just fine.

    Sonic Generations is a much better title, even more so if the game has something to do with the 'generations' of sonic.

    I think once a Sonic fan always a Sonic fan, even if like me you have taken a long break from the series. (Up until Colours last year.)

    I'm always a little bit excited when a 'main' Sonic game is announced… Let’s just hope it doesn’t end in crushing disappointment this time!

  15. crackdude says:

    I also read about a ESCAPE FROM THE CITY REMAKE

    jizzing since yesterday.

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