Rumor: Sonic Dimensions in development for Wii U, Sonic Colors spiritual successor

So, a rumor for a new Sonic game? Not surprising, but this rumor comes with a bunch of details that seem very possible, actually I’d be shocked if this isn’t mostly correct. The title, Sonic Dimensions, is a working title, so that will most likely change.

The game is supposed to take place after Sonic Generations and be the ‘spiritual successor’ to Sonic Colors. Sonic Dimensions is said to take advantage of some Wii U’s specific capabilities, including using the touch screen to activate powers and destroy enemies. Hopefully we can turn this off and not use it. It’s also said to have 4 player multiplayer. The story will be another time-space continuum one. Oh boy.

The game will have Sonic change colors, with each color supposed to represent a new personality for Sonic. Blue Sonic, of course, will be the core Sonic and will be the uniting figure for all the other colors. Five colors are rumored: