Sega Saturn Japanese exclusive SRPG “Valhollian” getting fan made English translation

The fan translation team known as Meduza Team (recently they translated Linkle Liver Story and provided widescreen hacks for Shining Force III, Powerslave and Dead or Alive) have announced they are working on a English translation for Valhollian or better known asZanma Chouougi Valhollian” . This Sega Saturn exclusive SRPG came out in 1998 and was developed by Datt Japan which only worked on two previous Sega Saturn games, Virtual Casino (1996) and Monster Slider (1997).

Quite frankly surprised this title never got a proper translation and release in the West since the game did sport some really cool looking polygon graphics and seems to have a pretty interesting cast of characters. Check out the video above on the work they’ve done on the game so far. Pretty interesting project and worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for more Sega Saturn goodness.

7th Dragon III debuts in Japan, reaches #1 on sales chart

7thDragon1inJapanThis wasn’t the best week overall for game sales in Japan, with SEGA’s 7th Dragon III Code: VFD taking the number one spot and pushing Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team/White Dog Squad to second place. The SEGA published SRPG on 3DS did 72,477 units on its debut week and was good enough to top all other games for said week.

Check out the top 20 software chart for Japan, which includes total numbers. This chart takes place between October 12th – the 18th, 7th Dragon III came out on the 15th, so it had about 3 days on sale.

[Via: NintendoLife]

Stella Glow to get American demo on October 27th

If you wanted to check out the SRPG released by SEGA in Japan and developed by Imageepoch called ‘Stella Glow‘, you will be able to play a demo soon thanks to Atlus. Atlus has announced that the demo will hit the American Nintendo e-shop on the October 27th.

Pictured above is the Atlus launch day edition of the game that comes with a ton of goodies. Make sure if you want all that good stuff, that you pre-order the game at your local pre-ordering game store. The game will be released in North America on November 17th, 2015 and cost $49.99 USD.

SEGA announces its publishing Stella Glow on the Nintendo 3DS

SEGA has agreed to publish Imageepoch’s newest game called Stella Glow. This isn’t the first time SEGA and Imageepoch worked together, they teamed up previously to create Sands of Destruction (2008) and 7th Dragon series (2009).

Stella Glow was suppose to be an important title for Imageepoch due to marking the studio’s 10th year anniversary, but also because it was suppose to be their first self published title. Rumor has it that Imageepoch hasn’t been doing great financially and that this move might be SEGA helping them release the game while the company prepares for the worst.

Stella Glow is an SRPG for the Nintendo 3DS platform and so far has only been announced for Japanese release. The game is set to hit Japanese stores on June 4th. You can read more about it on Famitsu. You can also check out the newly launched SEGA product site here.